Up Your Social Media Game With These Accounts!

Social media is constantly changing and sometimes it’s difficult to stay up to date with the trends. Here are 4 accounts to follow that will help you kill your social media game!

Social media has changed drastically since it first began. Gone are the days where Instagram was solely meant for posting pictures of your cute puppies. Whether you are looking to start a business, make money or create a name out of yourself, social media is a must have.

Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, YouTube; the list goes on! With so many platforms to keep up with, here are 4 accounts to follow that will help you up your social media game:

Tezza Barton- Creative Inspiration & Photo Editing

Tezza Barton is the queen of creative photography. The young entrepreneur was featured in Forbes 30 Under 30, has her own photo editing app and owns multiple businesses.

If you are looking for creative inspiration, Tezza Barton is the creator to follow. If you want to take your Instagram a step further, her photo editing app is a great tool! The Tezza app features tons of editing presets, collages, feed planning and more.


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Jackson Zaccaria from Jacksons.tips- Tik Tok Trends & Growth

Tik Tok has been around for plenty of time now, but it’s still hard to keep up with. Every day there are new sounds and trends to hop on. If you want to grow on Tik Tok, Jacksons.tips will be very helpful!

He grew his Tik Tok following up to 463k by teaching others his strategies. Jackson Zaccaria even has his own Tik Tok coaching program called the Tok Academy.


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Gary Vee- Content Creation & Online Entrepreneurship

Gary Vee is an online genius. He started off creating wine videos on Youtube and built his way up. Today, Gary Vee is the CEO of VaynerMedia, renowned speaker, content creator and author.

Gary Vee’s content will help you with anything from self doubt to understanding the digital world. His candid approach to social media and life will help you find the courage to do whatever you desire.

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Sean Cannell- How To Make Videos & YouTube Growth

Sean Cannell is an expert in all things video. He began sharing his tech knowledge on YouTube and grew into a successful online entrepreneur. His company, Think Media, helps people grow their platforms using video.

If you are looking to learn more about Youtube strategies, cameras and tech, Sean Cannell is the person to follow.

Instagram: seancannell

Tik Tok: thinkmediaofficial

YouTube: Think Media

You can still post pictures of your cute puppy, but these creators will help take your social media to the next level!

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Camila Vega is a Penn State student majoring in Communications with minors in Digital Media and Journalism. As an aspiring television host and producer, she enjoys creating independent content, photography, acting and all things social media.