“Unknown” Lost In Space Season 2 Episode 8 Review & Recap

Lost in Space makes a triumphant return to Netflix and we’re here to break it all down! Join us to break down all the episodes here on THE LOST IN SPACE AFTER SHOW!
After learning that the colonists would be left behind if they can’t filter the water on board Maureen plans to stage a mutiny to get the resolute to the gas filled planet nearby to siphon ammonia out of the atmosphere. With a group of workers on her team she takes over the deck and flies the ship into the other planet. Hastings is in another part of the ship planning his own mutiny with John and Judy. Trying to convince them that Maureen is out of control and tell them both about Maureen’s deal with him to get Will in space. Hastings opens the airlocks in hopes of getting Ammonia on board the ship and is eventually foiled by Maureen who gets the doors closed and the mutiny ends. During the chaos Will, Penny and the robot are running around the ship and the robot has a mind of his own, and wants to save his friend, Scarecrow. Scarecrow is dying and in the end the robot refuses to help Will get home.
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