Unbeatable Records Set By “King James”!

Lebron James is respected by everyone, especially with the records he has set in the NBA. Here are 3 titles he currently holds!

Most Points in NBA history

As the 2024 NBA is approaching playoffs, Lebron James is about to reach 40,000 points scored throughout his career.

This is something that has never been seen before, in February of 2023 he surpassed Kareem-Abdul Jabbar and became the player with the most points in NBA history, Kareem held that record for almost 40 years. He scored 38,387 points during his career, and Lebron was the only player to surpass that, and now he is approaching 40,000 points. This is going to be a big accomplishment in his career and is something that will be remarkable.

Many experts say that this record is impossible to break, they believe that no one in the NBA right now has a chance to tie this record or surpass it. Lebron is not showing signs of slowing down in his 21st season in the NBA he is averaging 25 points per game, which is something insane for a player his age. He is the oldest player in the NBA at the moment and still has so much left in the tank.

Many believe that he still has at least 2 or 3 more seasons in him, and he could possibly be able to reach 45,000 points by the time he retires from the NBA. That is why experts believe that his scoring record will be impossible to reach.

Most All Star Selections

Another crazy record Lebron James has set is All-Star Selections. Currently he has 20 selections throughout his career, and he possibly will end up with 21 or 22 by the time he decides to retire.

This is unbelievable because the level of longevity and greatness a player needs to surpass this record is incredible.That means they do not have to get any serious injury that could prevent them from missing a season, and Lebron has never missed an entire season during his career. Many believe he has alien genes because for a human to have the level of longevity and athleticism Lebron has is almost impossible.

Winning Three NBA Finals MVPs with Different Teams

Lebron is also the only player to have won three Finals MVPs with three different NBA franchises which are the Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Lebron took these teams to the NBA finals and crowned them champions, no other NBA player in history has ever done this and probably fans won’t see anyone tying or surpassing this record any time soon.

Because the NBA is where the best basketball players in the world play against each other, and just the fact that a player takes his team to a NBA finals is something hard to achieve, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. But taking three different teams to the NBA finals and winning it all is out of this world.

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