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AFTERBUZZ TV – UFC 177 will go down as one of the more dubious PPV events in UFC history, as an uncelebrated fight card was hurt worse at the last minute with two high-profile fighters withdrawls. U.S. Olympic wrestling champion Henry Cejudo (set to make his UFC debut) and UFC featherweight title challenger Renan Barao were both forced off the show due to medical issues related to weight-cutting. Cejudo’s match against UFC veteran Scott ‘Young Guns’ Jorgensen was cancelled altogether, while UFC featherweight champion T.J. Dillashaw was presented with another challenger, Joe ‘One Bad Mofo’ Soto, who not only took the fight on a one-day notice, but also had fought only three weeks prior.

Famed wrestling coach Kenny Johnson (Bolt Wrestling) joins the UFC AfterBuzz team (Daria Berenato, George Hermoza, Jay Tan) to break down the matches from UFC 177 and to address the problems and dangers surrounding weight-cutting in MMA and wrestling. And if you’re not already familiar with Kenny as a coach to some of the top fighters in the sport (Penn, Silva, Machida, etc.), rest assured that this is an episode you don’t want to miss!!

Kenny Johnson can be found on Twitter and Instagram as @BoltWrestling, and well as www.BoltWrestling.com and via the official Bolt Wrestling Facebook page.

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