Two Interrogations Lead to One Chaotic Mess – S1 E5 ‘Hunters’ Recap & Review

Nazi hunters have discovered hundreds of Nazi officials living in 1977 New York City, all organized under a single concept: create chaos in the United States and bring about the rise of the Fourth Reich. Can the hunters stop their plan and bring them all to justice? Or will they find themselves trapped within a new regime? Join THE HUNTERS AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST to get weekly discussions surrounding the characters, plots, and special segments related to the show! Subscribe and comment!

Jonah (Logan Lerman) has been accepted by the group, to an extent, training with Joe (Louis Ozawa Changchien) in self-defense, getting a talk from Meyer (Al Pacino) about the dangers of hesitating to act, and a warning from Sister Harriet (Kate Mulvany) about the sacrifices the hunters make to do their work. The Hunters team splits into two groups to track people close to The Ghost; a propagandist who worked closely with him, and one of his top lieutenants. Roxy, Lonny, and Meyer accost Tilda Sauer after her political activism party and torture her in hopes of her confessing to her real identity and giving information about The Ghost. She pleads ignorance throughout the interrogation, prompting doubt in Meyer’s reassurance, until she cryptically taunts Meyer and he immediately shoots her. Joe, Harriet, and Jonah crash Dieter Zweigelt’s 4th of July party for their own interrogation, where he happily divulges the CIA and NASA recruited him and a list of other Nazis operating in America. Upon hearing the name Kenneth Swiggins, Sister Harriet immediately leaves the operation to seek him out at the party and hurridly transport him elsewhere. Meanwhile, Millie speaks extensively with Danny Rohr, whose life has been ruined after looking into the Nazis for Meyer. Later, she herself is ambushed in a restroom by unknown figures who drop a photo of her and Maria as a warning to drop her investigation.
  • Hosted by Nate Miller & Kevin Allen

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