Twitter Reactions To ‘The Bachelorette’ Premiere!

From being heartbroken to becoming the Bachelorette, these two women are back and better than ever for a new season! Here are Twitter’s reactions to the episode and they will have you howling!

Monday just got more interesting!

The anticipation is finally over, and Bachelor Nation is here for all the laughing, crying, and heart-breaking moments that Season 19 of The Bachelorette is sure to give!

Here’s a twist, there is not one but TWO women, Gabby and Rachel, both searching for their other half, sifting through 32 different men. What could possibly go wrong?

From champagne gate and shrimp gate to Pilot Pete’s mom, Barb, Bachelor fans are no stranger to taking to Twitter. And, don’t worry, fans are definitely not shying away after last night’s premiere!

Buckle up Bachelor Nation; there may be some turbulence because “boys are dumb!”

Limo Entrances

Who knew wearing no socks was the new black?

Over the years, the infamous limo entrances have created a lot of buzz with authentic, creative ways to get attention, and this year is no exception. There were some interesting and wacky ways these men put themselves out there to impress these two ladies.

From Jacob’s oily prince-charming entrance on a horse and Jordan’s smooth way of using noise-canceling headphones to a children’s quartet slamming Clayton, the former Bachelor, and Jason’s cringe confession of being in love with his mom and sister, we are in for a treat with these gentlemen.

First Impression Rose

This season’s First Impression Rose might have been based around affection as both women gave theirs to their first kisses, Tino and Mario, and some men were particularly hurt that the rose was not granted to them.

It was a no-brainer that Rachel gave Tino her rose, for the two had an instant spark. But, Gabby had a couple of front-runners, so it was quite a shock, and many were a little weary after the awkward kiss between Mario. But, hey, it’s their journey!

Erich’s reaction had fans absolutely crying with laughter at his inherent cockiness, thinking that he would get both roses or at least one! Could he be this season’s villain?

First To Go

No Rose Ceremony, but some contestants are already out the door? If there’s no connection, there’s no connection. Plain and simple!

While Rachel might have a little better of a job at hiding it, Gabby’s facial expressions when she’s not feeling it says it all.

The two made an executive decision to not string along the twins or Roby the magician, which is respectable. Although, many took to Twitter with a Justice for Roby hashtag, and it is just too comical.

But, don’t worry! These three might just magically appear for the Men Tell All episode.

This is only the beginning; some might say the calm before the storm! Only time will tell what will transpire between this fun-loving bunch.

What do you think will happen? Who do you think the front runners are? Lets us know on Twitter @AfterBuzzTV!

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