Twitter Reactions To ‘The Bachelorette’ Episode Two!

From seeing 29 men in speedos and awkward first dates to Logan’s smooth talking and Chris’s obscene comments, Twitter had a field day!

As things begin to get confusing and tense in the house, learning along the way is the motto for this season of The Bachelorette.

With two Bachelorettes and over 25 eligible bachelors searching for love (and an open bed in the mansion), there is definitely no rule book in sight.

Group Date

While the Bachelorettes mentioned how quick-paced the process is, they never specified how fast! I feel the need, the need for speed(o).

To get to know these men better Gabby and Rachel decided to make sure everyone let loose, literally. The men stripped down to speedos, and little was left to the imagination.

Uncomfortable might be the word to describe the first group date, but the men surprisingly did not hold back as they showcased their abs, abilities, and attitudes in front of each other.

After Party

The men who stole the show with their confident charisma were invited to an after-party with the two ladies, and things definitely got a little awkward.

Only six men received the invitation, so you can bet there was an overlap in who Gabby and Rachel liked. But who knew they would get a juicy kiss from the same man!

You could say that Logan one-upped and took Erich’s place as the new potential player of the season. Getting to know the ladies is one thing, but Logan’s sly smooth talk is another.

Nevertheless, Gabby sidestepped so Rachel could give Logan her group date rose.

Rachel’s First Date

Jordan V. received the first date card from Rachel, and usually, that’s a huge step in the relationship, ideally being an initial spark.

Everyone had high hopes for the adrenaline-seeking duo as the two took a flight into zero gravity. Maybe what was missing was the aspect of gravity?

While it was all smiles and playful banter on the date, floating around with no care in the world, Rachel wasn’t feeling the chemistry during their intimate dinner.

Not only was Bachelor Nation absolutely shook when Jordan didn’t get the rose and had to pack up his belongings, but so were the rest of the guys. They knew at that moment these women meant business!

Did Rachel make her decision too fast? Fans seem to think so!

Gabby’s First Date

On the other hand, Gabby’s first date with Nate seemed to go just as planned.

The two shared a romantic plane ride and a classic Bachelor wooden hot tub moment. They also opened up the importance of family over their sensational dinner.

Tears were shed both on screen and with the at-home audience as Bachelor Nation immediately fell in love with Nate.

Even former Bachelorette Katie Thurston thinks he is a keeper!

Chris Gate

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out again!

There’s always the cocky one of the bunch who has had little to no interaction with the Bachelor or Bachelorette that stirs everyone up.

Chris, who never had a conversation with either woman, had the presumptuous understanding that he would make it to the final four and go to fantasy suits.

His out-of-line remarks about Gabby and Rachel getting intimate with other guys cost him the rest of his journey.

The ladies had no problem putting this arrogant man in his place, and this is the energy we love to see!

As Gabby and Rachel continue their journey, only time will tell who will gravitate more towards who!

Who were you surprised didn’t get a rose? What do you think will happen next Monday? Lets us know on Twitter @AfterBuzzTV!

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