Twitter Reactions to ‘The Bachelorette’ Episode Three!

Rejection, Ridicule, and Roses, Oh My! This journey is far from over as everyone starts to hone in on chemistry. Bachelor Nation reacts to the ups and downs of episode three.

Choosing between two women is hard enough, just ask Clayton, but imagine competing for love with one of your closest friends? It has to be straight-up awkward!

But, hey! At least Gabby and Rachel have each other’s back and no time for toxic men.

The free for all mentality in the last couple of episodes was thrown out the door as the two honed in on the guys they had a connection with and vice versa.

Leaving it up to choice will create uneasy feelings? No way, really?

Rachel and Zach

Glitz, glam and tears of joy! Rachel definitely rebounded after last week’s date with Jordan.

As Rachel and Zach got ready for their surprise movie premiere, you could tell sparks were flying as the day flew by, no pun intended.

After watching their home videos and hearing messages from family there was not a dry eye left in the theater even the audience at home was crying in the club.

So, maybe he’s a keeper?

Gabby and Erich

Three’s a crowd! Everyone was waiting for the man of the hour, and no, we’re not talking about Erich.

Gabby’s grandpa, Grandpa John, stole hearts on the last season of The Bachelor, so it is only right for him to make a comeback. And, to see if Erich’s the one for Gabby.

During this adora(bowl) date, Gabby, Erich and Grandpa John had a field day. It already looked like your typical family outing.

Group Date

If you thought the last group date was off the charts, this one was up there too!

The men participated in a variety of hilarious shoots with the ladies. From daisy dukes and diapers to bandages and birth to suspenders and snakes, there was a lot to unpack in these photos.

However, four of the men were left unscathed as they got to be in the “proposal” shoot. Once again, Nate captivated not only Gabby but all of Bachelor Nation.

After Party

Perhaps the producers try to offset the grueling after party with a humorous group date to prevent further dissension.

Just like last week, there was definitely awkward tension at the after party, creating a little scandal and hurt feelings.

Who knew we were watching a circus act? Ladies and gentlemen let’s get a round of applause for these two clowns, Jacob and Hayden. Honestly, their names are an instant red flag.

It’s one thing, to be honest, and open about your feelings, but it’s another to be outright rude and demeaning. It’s a privilege, not an entitlement to seek the love of these two wonderful women!

Rose Ceremony

Every rose has its thorn! After the offputting party where Gabby didn’t give out a group date rose, it was time the ladies put their foot down and establish some rules.

Maybe that should’ve been a priority since night one? Nevertheless, the roses Gabby and Rachel gave out were a vow to ONLY continue the journey with one of them. And, that meant some would decline roses!

While Rachel may have been publicly rejected during the ceremony at least the men didn’t point out her flaws and judge her character.

Still, these women are not playing around!

With each Bachelorette embarking on her own journey with nine men, maybe the drama will subside? Umm…probably not, that would be too easy!

What are your predictions for next week’s episode? And, was that MEATBALL we see in the preview? Lets us know on Twitter @AfterBuzzTV!

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