Twitter Reactions to ‘The Bachelorette’ Episode Four!

From Meatball saving the day, Hayden walking the plank and Logan rethinking his stance; Bachelor Nation had no problem sharing their thoughts on Twitter!

With two separate groups of men and two new journeys; is it finally smooth sailing for Gabby and Rachel? Hmm, that’s an enticing question!

If you thought this season of The Bachelorette has created enough turmoil already, be prepared for a rocky ride and more demeaning comments from last week’s insecure circus freak that will have you stunned.

However, on a good note, this episode did, in fact, start off so romantic with two elegant Paris dates with Jason and Tino.

Gabby and Rachel seemed genuinely happy, full of laughter and maybe even in love. Too early to tell? I think not! Whether crêpe making or hat fitting, sparks were definitely flying in the city of love.

Heartless Hayden

After receiving a second chance after stating Gabby was “rough around the edges,” you’d think Hayden would have apologized and shown utmost respect going forward.

That’s not the case! Not only does he call both of the women “bitches” and state that they overreacted, but slams Rachel by comparing her to his ex-girlfriend.

But wait, there’s more! Hayden thought by having a vulnerable conversation with Rachel about his dog, Rambo, would make her feel bad for him and ultimately secure him a rose. Here for the right reasons? Are you kidding me!

While his story pulled at some heartstrings, the truth always comes out!

The Man, The Myth, Meatball

While originally skeptical about Meatball, also known as James, He really stepped up to the plate. Wait, Meatball has a real name?!?

Usually, the contestants who bring up the element of drama in the house are “sus,” but Meatball dishing everything out to Rachel about Hayden’s comments is what Bachelor Nation needed to see. King energy!

You could say he definitely rebounded and is “out of the dog house,” as Rachel put it after last week’s awkward Rose Ceremony.

His journey may be unclear, but who knows he might surprise us next Monday?

Lukewarm Logan

We knew right away after episode two that Logan was definitely a player! I mean come on, kissing both women during the group date after-party?!?

Now that he has secured a spot on Rachel’s “team,” he wants to switch to Gabby? Something is not adding up.

While admitting to potentially having feelings for Gabby, why would you continue to accept roses from Rachel? Flabbergasted!

After last week, Rachel is certainly no dan of rejection! I mean who is? Logan dropping this bomb will test her journey like no other.

Love is still up in the air for these two Bachelorettes! No matter what, Gabby and Rachel have each other’s back and that’s what we love to see.

What do you think will unravel next week? Lets us know on Twitter @AfterBuzzTV!

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