Twitter Reactions to ‘The Bachelorette’ Episode Five!

After four intense, drama-filled episodes, this one is definitely the calm before the storm! Bachelor Nation still had a field day on Twitter!

While there may have been some tears shed and a dose of “homie hopping,” this episode of The Bachelorette was drama free – for the most part! Can you even believe it?!?

As strong connections are being formed, Gabby and Rachel continue to embark on their different journeys and may even appear to have fresh spray tans. Don’t worry, fans didn’t let it slide either.

What could possibly be the only hiccup? Well, facing their worst nightmare – the eligible guys switching sides!

Calculated or Courageous?

After stepping away from Rachel and sharing his feelings toward Gabby, Bachelor Nation had no problem taking to Twitter to ridicule lukewarm Logan’s intentions and sense of style.

But, it didn’t stop there! Not only did fans slam Logan, but after Gabby confirmed the switch, her group of men was not welcoming and overwhelmed with a surge of uneasy feelings at her group date afterparty.

One thing for certain, Gabby and Logan definitely have a physical connection after smooching multiple times, which perhaps sparked jealousy within the bunch.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Should I stay or should I go now? The shocking Rose Ceremony may have men questioning it all, especially knowing who is sticking around another week!

While merely a joke, fans were in a whirlwind of sadness after Meatball didn’t get the last rose from Rachel. Maybe if he “cheffed” up his game, he would be serving in the weeks to come. But, at the end of the day, imagine Big Tony meeting Meatball.

Nevertheless, things got extra saucy after Mario and Michael were sent home by Gabby. And, low and behold, Logan intercepted their rose. While Michael may have just been a side character, Mario popping off in his first impression suit and not receiving a rose was a jaw drop.

With hometowns only two weeks away, these gentlemen have to step up their game!

Let’s Hear it for Jesse

Jesse is always there to save the day with great advice and helps steer the women in the right direction. Although, when he appears on a group date or at a cocktail party, he’s the grim reaper.

While he may be just the host, he has to get some of the spotlight and attention. We cannot help but laugh at his hilarious casting call commercials for the upcoming Bachelor season.

It surely breaks the tension of what we’re seeing unfold this season. I wonder what he’ll say next week? Any thoughts?

Calm Before the Storm

While this week may not have been as chaotic as previous episodes, it’s the calm before the storm! Buckle your seatbelts!

Who’s packing their bags, and, NOT for another trip?!? The previews of this upcoming season seem to be full of heartbreak, deception, and the end of the road for many.

One thing is for sure, hopefully, things start to turn around for Rachel, and she’s able to see how much these men are falling for her. Confidence is key, girl!

Who do you think is the villain that shakes everything up? Only time will tell. Lets us know on Twitter @AfterBuzzTV!

And, while you’re thinking, enjoy these honorable mentions:

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