Twitter Fan Reacts to the ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 Premiere!

Fans of Love Is Blind quickly took to Twitter after the first four episodes of season three dropped on Netflix. Here are some that summed up fans’ thoughts about the episodes and had us rolling.

Fans ran to Twitter and share their thoughts on the season premiere of the beloved Netflix original dating show. With a new group in the pods comes new drama, romance, comedy, and thus fan reactions. Be warned, there are spoilers!

Brennon and Alexa are actually so wholesome, and we hope to see their relationship continue to grow in later episodes. From their initial cute banter to the adorable reactions upon their first time seeing each other, they’re definitely a couple that fans seem to be rooting for this season. Fans are comparing the two to the beloved Cameron and Lauren from season one, who remain married to this day.

Colleen had a strong personality, and fans couldn’t help but notice how often she mentioned her career as a ballerina.

The scene of Andrew using eyedrops during his confessional has fans wondering whether his eyes were actually irritated, or if he had other motives for utilizing the drops. Regardless, the reactions that came from the confessional are pure gold.

While Bartise was opening up to Raven in the pods, she was busy working out on the other side of the wall. Fans and Bartise felt that may not have been the time and place for such activities, but Bartise didn’t seem to care once he caught a glimpse of her in real life… after he had proposed to Nancy.

Similarities were made between current and past contestants, but none more than Barnett and Cole. What’s even crazier is both of them share the same last name, Barnett! Fans also compared him to Shayne from season two.

Fans had plenty of hilarious commentaries to add, and as much as we loved the episodes and reactions we’re left with plenty of questions regarding the fate of these couples. Episodes 5-7 will release on Oct. 26th, with the finale and reunion dropping on Nov. 9th, until then we’ll be scrolling through the Twitter reaction memes to hold us over.

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