“Twerk in Progress 2” Dating #NoFilter Season 2 Episodes 6 Review

Don’t miss the newest set of couples matched up on tonight’s episode. Breanna Chianne, Angele Taylor, and Angel Saunders also rundown their first date deal breakers and whether age difference matter or not. And you’ll never guess which dater from the previous episodes started following Angele on IG!

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Let’s be real… dating is not the fantasy that TV makes it out to be. Instead, it’s an absolute shit show of X-rated pics, ghosting and one night stands. Finally, an honest voice is coming to take on modern TV dating. In every episode, comedians will watch singles as they date, or at least try to date, providing unfiltered commentary on all the shock and awe that you the viewer are already thinking. It’s everything you and your friends are already screaming at the TV during “real” dating shows; the funny, the cringe-worthy and the brutally honest. Welcome to Dating #NoFilter.