Couples We Shipped That Ended From ‘Gossip Girl’, ‘Scandal’, & More!

There’s always that one couple we root for the entire show just for them to not end up together and it’s incredibly heartbreaking. Here are some TV couples that we wished were endgame!

The worst feeling when watching a show is when your favorite couple breaks up and you feel the heartbreak with them. There are just some couples on television that didn’t get the happy ending they deserved and no one will ever be able to forget about them. Here’s a list of some couples who should’ve ended up together!

Klaus & Caroline, The Vampire Diaries

Even though they were never a real couple, they totally did not get the happy ending fans were dying to see. Klaus was definitely not a fan favorite, but anyone would admit that the love he had for Caroline was genuine. He was the biggest villain in the show for a while and the only person he could never hurt was his beloved Caroline. Seeing him only have a heart for her made fans want them to end up together desperately so the fact that they didn’t was very upsetting. Regardless of the ending, ‘Klaroline’ will always be our favorite ‘should’ve been’ couple that never was!

Emily & Maya, Pretty Little Liars

Maya was the first person that made Emily feel comfortable with her sexuality and for that we loved them together. She was really able to break Emily out of her shell and show her how to be confident in who she was. The couple definitely had their ups and downs, but at the end of the day Maya was Emily’s first love and they will always be special to fans.

Nate & Serena, Gossip Girl

Nate and Serena had a very complicated relationship that fans thought would develop into something more, but it unfortunately never did. The couple began right off the bat in season one when Serena and Nate got together while he was still dating Blair, Serena’s BFF. Serena obviously didn’t want anything with her best friend’s ex so while Nate loved her, she let him go. Fast forward to season three and the pair began to date, making fans super happy. It wasn’t long until Serena realized she truly loved Dan. Although we obviously wanted Serena to be happy, we will never get over this iconic couple.

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Jake & Olivia, Scandal

The pick between Jake and Fitz was tough, but the fan favorite is definitely Jake, so naturally, Olivia does not end up with him. This couple had so much chemistry and it was obvious that they cared for each other immensely. Jake knew Olivia better than anyone ever could and accepted her for who she was. Olivia is a strong, independent woman and Jake was able to respect that and even challenge her sometimes. They were totally infatuated with each other and deserved to be together.

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Andy & Hayley, Modern Family

Hayley Dunphy has definitely had her share of boyfriends, but Andy was for sure a fan favorite. Their chemistry brought so much laughter to the show and he genuinely made Hayley happy. Although at first all they did was argue and never see eye to eye, they fell in love and brought out the best in each other. When Andy moved back to Utah and the pair broke up, our hearts broke with them. They were so perfect for each other and truly deserved to be with each other.

Together or not, these couples will never be forgotten due to how much of an impact they had on fans everywhere. Unfortunately, some of our favorite relationships don’t last forever, but the beauty of television is that you can go back and rewatch these iconic couples whenever you’d like!

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