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AFTERBUZZ TV – True Blood edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of HBO’s True Blood. In this show, host JC Rubio breaks down the “Hopeless” episode in which wolves attack Eric, Bill and Alcide while Russell attempts to feed on Sookie, the Vampire Authority appear and take Russell, Bill and Eric to the Authority–after glamouring Sookie and Alcide–where they are praised as heroes. Tara’s fight with Jessica ends quickly afterward while Pam stops it, proud of Tara. Meanwhile, Lafayette visits Ruby Jean in the hospital after realizing they both found an alarming message from Jesus. Sam and Luna are taken to the hospital where Sam tells Luna that Emma is safe, whereas Emma and her grandmother (Marcus’ mother) come and Emma is decided to stay with her grandmother until the shifter murders are stopped. Sookie learns from Jason about their parents’ true death (they were killed by vampires) and they go to the fairy night club where they discover their parents died because of Sookie’s scent, the vampire having smelled Sookie and killed her parents. Sam chooses to help Andy with the case regarding the murders, and go to a weapons store that specializes in arming humans against “Supes”, the owner is about to kill Andy but Sam saves him. Terry rushes home and tells Arlene she is no longer safe with him because of the Ifrit. Alcide challenges J.D. as pack leader. Eric visits Nora and realizes Nora might have dug up Russell-or seemingly Salome. As the Authority gather to witness Russell’s Execution via iStake, the iStake doesn’t respond when Roman repeatedly attempts to activate it, Roman stares at the iStake technician in puzzlement, in that split second of distraction, Russell races across the floor, throws Roman on the table and yells “Peace is for pussies!” immediately after Roman is given the True Death by Russell with a stake he had hidden prior to his execution. There to help JC are co-hosts Yerman Gur and Krisily Kennedy. It’s True Blood’s “Hopeless” podcast!

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