True Blood S:4 | Let’s Get Out of Here E:9 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – True Blood edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of HBO’s True Blood. In this show, host Sara Stretton breaks down the “Let’s Get Out of Here” episode in which Alcide takes the severely wounded Sookie to her house, where Bill gives her his blood. Unconscious, she dreams about having both Eric and Bill in her life. Marnie has cast a spell on Eric which puts him under her control. Lafayette, still possessed by Mavis’s spirit, takes Mikey to Hoyt’s house (Mavis’s house when she was alive) and kicks him out. Jason and Andy go to Hoyt’s to rescue Mikey, and Lafayette threatens to shoot them with Andy’s stolen gun. Jesus arrives and is able to convince Mavis that Mikey is not hers and that her baby is dead. They find the bodies of both Mavis and her baby buried in Hoyt’s yard. Mavis’s spirit leaves Lafayette’s body. Debbie offers to help Sookie get Eric back. Meanwhile, Sam and Luna and her daughter go camping; when Luna’s daughter is asleep, Sam and Luna make love. Alcide tells Marcus that he wishes to rise in the pack hierarchy to please Debbie. Marcus goes to Merlotte’s and tells Tommy that he wishes to meet Sam at night. Tommy, skinwalking as Sam, goes to meet Marcus. Tommy (as Sam) tells Marcus that he did not touch Luna, but that his brother did. In a jealous rage, Marcus has some wolves beat up Tommy, but Alcide puts an end to the fighting and takes the unconscious Tommy, now back in his true form, home. Jason goes to Bill’s mansion and gives Jessica a box of her belongings from Hoyt; he and Jessica have sex in the back of his truck. Debbie goes to Marnie’s hideout and distracts her while Sookie finds Eric and discovers Marnie’s plans to use Eric to kill Bill. Sookie and Debbie escape and go to find Bill at the Festival of Tolerance in Shreveport, where Marnie/Antonia uses Eric and some other bewitched vampires to attack Bill, kill humans, and create chaos in an effort to discredit the vampires. It’s True Blood’s “Run” podcast!

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