Trishelle Cannatella Talks ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ Episode 3

Challenge icon Trishelle Cannatella dished her thoughts on episode 3 of The Challenge: Double Agents, including Jemmye and Nehemiah’s showmance, plus she lets us know if she would ever come back to compete again. 

Episode three of The Challenge: All Stars did not disappoint. We got our first showmance, an iconic daily challenge, and a pretty amazing elimination.

Challenge OG star Trishelle Cannatella joined Benny Adams on Challenge Reality News to talk about everything that happened, plus what it was like during her time in the house.

We have to talk about this showmance between Nehemiah and Jemmye, because we are here for it. Not only do these two look amazing together, but they are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to The Challenge.

“I always thought Nehemiah was a good choice for Jemmye, because he is such a strong player, and he’s not a loud mouth like some of the guys in the house. He was also flying under the radar a lot in the beginning as well. With Jemmye, she can teach Nehemiah a lot, because gamewise he’s not a social player. He’s just a nice guy, Jemmye gets right in there, which is why I think it’s a good pairing.” said Trishelle.

Another good pairing some did not see coming was Jemmye and Beth, aka Britney Spears and Madonna.

“This was out of left field because of the huge fact that Veronica is good friends with Jemmye, and Veronica and Beth do not get along. I did not think Jemmye at all would be this close to Beth, so it was pretty surprising to me,” explained Trishelle. “Beth is a really great villain for the show, she’s one of the best, I do like that side of her. It could be a benefit to your game if you do side with someone like that because she is a strong player, but also if someone is going to pick off one of the two of you, it’s probably going to be Beth, because she’s not very likable, and Jemmye is.”

The daily challenge brought back a fan favorite called Melt Away. Each player had to melt a huge block of ice using their bodies to retrieve shields. These shields had the themes of each season of The Challenge. Each shield had to be placed in order from season 1 to 36.

In the end, Kendal and Darrell’s team were the winners, while Nehemiah’s team came in last. Since Nehemiah was the team captain he’s automatically going into elimination. An unexpected moment happened when Tek called out Nehemiah which instantly put a target on the Real World alum’s back.

“Teck should have known better because all it takes in the beginning of The Challenge is one tiny reason for everyone to jump on the bandwagon, and say your name.”

This wouldn’t be The Challenge if there was not any drama. Enter Aneesa and Ruthie. The two have had a rocky relationship in the past, and it seems to have followed them to All Stars where the two got into an argument.

“Something was said during the beginning of The Challenge, where Ruthie came to me and said Aneesa is gunning for me, and I told her she’s being paranoid. I‘m thinking it was a misunderstanding because Aneesa had never expressed to me that she didn’t like Ruthie. I tried to tell Ruthie it’s not that serious.” explained Trishelle. “Poor Aneesa, she got it so bad, because Aneesa has done so many of these shows, and the more shows you do the more drama you have with people.”

Earlier Teck ended up voting himself into elimination, but Jemmye had other plans up her sleeves. She wanted Kendal to use the Lifesaver to save Teck and throw in Big Easy.

During the elimination, Kendal decided not to use the Lifesaver meaning its game on for Nehemiah and Teck.

“I wanted Kendal to use the Lifesaver. What I wanted Kendal to do is not say a word the entire time and then last minute throw Easy in there. I love Teck, I don’t really like Big Easy that much.”

Both Teck and Nehemiah had to break a number of tiles, but not before eating a scorching hot pepper. The first person to break their tiles wins. Nehemiah came out victorious sending Tek home.

Unfortunately, Trishelle’s time in The Challenge house was cut short after losing to Kendal in an elimination during episode two. Trishelle said she actually did not want to go against Kendal and had another woman in mind.

“I wanted to go against Beth, that was the only name that I said. Mark Long and some others said they didn’t think she would be a good pick. When I saw that people did not want to put her against me, I did not want to push it too hard, and make people mad.” said Trishelle. ”I asked Nehemiah if I want to pick Beth, will you pull Kendal out of the elimination, but he didn’t want to have to say someone else’s name. I saw his reaction and I really like Nehemiah so I said forget it, I’m not going to push this issue.”

If there is a season 2 of The Challenge: All Stars Trishelle said she might be up for giving it another go.

“If it’s the same or similar format I might do it again, I wouldn’t do a regular Challenge. I’m done being called old. I don’t like the young kids they’re too mean, which is crazy because we can be mean too, but they are just above and beyond.”

As for who Trishelle would love to see come back to All-Stars she has two icons in mind.

“Girl wise Coral, because she’s so iconic, I love Coral, I don’t even know if Coral likes me, that’s the beauty of it. I really like her for television. I think she would have brought a very cool dynamic to the show. For guys, I’m going to say Tim Beggy from Road Rules back in the day.

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