Trigger Warning With Killer Mike S:1 F... School E:2 Review

Killer Mike gets creative in the classroom by incorporating sex with trade skills. Join Drew Jones, TK Trinidad, and AJ Talks as they give their thoughts on whether schools need to spice up the lessons with a little bit of creativity to keep students’ attention.

Join us weekly as Killer Mike gives us his version of activism and we discuss it. on the TRIGGER WARNING AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW, we’re talking all about his exploits, the craziness, and the warm heartedness every week. Join us for exclusive content, interviews, gossip and more! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date on all things Trigger Warning with Killer Mike!

Grammy-winning rapper Killer Mike uses his fame to serve as an activist, hoping to bring to light and confront important social issues, especially those that impact the black community. On “Trigger Warning,” Killer Mike — whose real name is Michael Render — examines cultural taboos and allows viewers to examine the “what ifs” and “why nots” that limit how people operate in the world. The show explores the human condition using nontraditional approaches, some of which not everyone will agree with. Killer Mike describes the show as “if an anarchist determined the status quo.”

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