Trevor Tordjman On What He’s Learned From His Cast Members, Joining ‘Bunk’d’ And More

Bunk’d made history by becoming Disney Channel’s first television series to be renewed for a season 5 run. Chae’ Jones talked with Trevor Tordjman about joining the cast and more.

Host Chae Jones chatted with Trevor Tordjman about joining the cast on Disney’s Bunk’d and how it felt for him.

“Yo, joining Bunk’d is…I’m so over the moon about it. I’m so excited. When I heard I was in Canada, I turned on Disney Plus. That’s where Bunk’d is on in Canada and I watched it and was laughing out loud. I was so excited and pumped. The cast is so talented and they’re all such great people. I’m so lucky to be a part of this cast.”

His character Parker Preston comes to camp with a big revelation that shakes up Lou’s world as camp director. There are many words to describe Parker Preston. When asked how he would describe his character Tordjman said, “Yeah, Parker is a lot. That’s a great word for Parker. Parker is Canadian, eh, I’m actually Canadian. He’s a Canadian witty charmer who comes into Camp Kikiwaka from a super rich famous Canadian family and shows Lou a deed saying that he owns 15% of the camp. Lou’s like relax and he’s like let’s get some TV’s up in here. She’s like you need to back up. You see a lot of growth for Parker. He just wants friends and he thinks he needs all these big things to get them when he learns he just needs to show some love to other people and he’ll get it in return.”

Which is so relatable. Most people just want to make friends and for those who have money sometimes you might think the best way to get and keep them is to be flashy and over the top. His character will have a lot to learn not only about friendship but himself as well this season it seems.

Doing a Disney Channel Wand ID commercial is a very huge part of being a Disney star. It plays usually before each new show or movie that airs on the channel and Tordjman has not hidden how much he wants to be able to do one of his own.

“ Not gonna lie to you. I’m feeling good about this year. I think this is my year. I’ve been listening to My Year Zombies 1. This is gonna be my year. To keep myself positive. Disney Channel if you’re watching this I’m ready for the ID. I’ve been ready for the Wand ID. I’ve rehearsed. If you guys wanna see my ideas I’d love to chat.” Tordjman said about hopefully making a Wand ID.

While Bunk’d has been able to return safely while filming during COVID they haven’t finished filming the season yet but Tordjman is joining as a new cast member, when asked what he’s learned from his cast members so far. Tordjman replied, “Just to be easy going. Just to flow. Working on a multi-cam comedy series as fun as this one you have to be open to playing and because I was the new kid coming on alright how do we do this thing? I learned the importance of just being relaxed and letting things go as they go and trying new things and having fun. It seems like something that just comes so simply but when you’re really wanting to do good at something sometimes you lose sight of that. I would say that’s a valuable lesson for me.”

His character Parker Preston seems like he’ll shake up this season and bring a very fun, charismatic dynamic to Camp Kikiwaka. Can’t wait to continue to watch the new season of the show.

Watch the Full Interview and watch Tordjman debut on Bunk’d as Parker Preston January 29th!

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