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If there was a machine that could figure out the secrets of the universe… how big would it be? Apparently big enough for people to live on it; because on the Tales From The Loop AfterBuzz TV After Show, we are breaking down each episode of this ‘loopy’ amazon show! Join us every episode for discussions on plot, theory, and amazement. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

Episode Recap

Jakob (Daniel Zolghadri) is a quiet artist and bright student who lacks the confidence of his best friend Danny (Tyler Barnhardt), who in turn lacks Jakob’s potential. The two friends happen upon a mysterious spherical pod in the woods, and upon Jakob climbing inside, the two discover they have switched bodies. Deciding to live as one another for a day, Jakob gets a glimpse into Danny’s life, the struggle he has with his parents in regards to his future, and what it’s like to make out with a girl. He also notices Danny, posing as Jakob, reaching out to the crush that he never could and decides he wants to switch back. Danny confesses he would rather keep his new life as Jakob, prompting a fight between the two, which then prompts a defeated Jakob to return to the pod alone. Danny can’t help notice Jakob’s absense,so he sets out to the woods to find him and discovers his own lifeless body inside the pod. Now, stuck as Jakob, Danny makes futile efforts to comfort his family and a successful choice to appease Jakob’s, but ultimately misses his friend, who may still be other there somewhere.
  • Today show was hosted by: Loren Kling & Kevin Allen

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