Top Moments From ‘RHONY’ Reunion Part 3

The Real Housewives of New York season 12 is officially over & we’re wrapping up our RHONY recaps with 3 top moments from part 3 of the reunion! 

Season 12 has officially wrapped up with part 3 of the RHONY reunion and I must say, I’m sad to see it go. Every part of the reunion brought laughs and a whole lot of drama! In honor of part three ending, I’m sharing three top moments from Thursday night’s episode! As always, let’s get into it!

Ramona In The Hot Seat

It’s no secret that Ramona has been in the hot seat a lot and Thursday nights episode was no different. She and her 50 friends were a popular topic during the season, so Andy had some questions. One of the fan questions asked was if Hamptons Ramona and city Ramona were two different people and the ladies said absolutely.

They agreed that they feel like her 50 friends aren’t genuine and that Ramona uses the Hamptons just to be seen. They also have never been a fan of when Ramona leaves them for a date or a social function and Sonja feels like Ramona wouldn’t know most of her friends without her. Ramona also got called out for talking about Sonja’s weight, which Sonja explained made her cry and she actually ate more because of the comment.

Sonja’s Business

Sonja had a lot on her plate this season including dealing with her townhouse and running her clothing line. Sonja’s line seems to be doing really well as it was front and center in the Century 21 stores.

Andy went down memory lane with some of Sonja’s other businesses that didn’t really go well and showcased how she now has a great business that she seems so happy about. She says how since the pandemic and stores shutting down, her online sales have been doing really well. Congrats to Sonja!

Sonja also shares that since her daughter is grown up and she’s in a happier place, she’s ready to get out there and meet someone!


Dorinda had a pretty tough season, she said she was overwhelmed and didn’t ask for help. She also candidly admitted she probably should have taken this season off.

Dorinda felt bad and apologized for the things she said to Luann and Leah during the finale. She said that she cried to Sonja and Leah and they reached out to her a lot but that Ramona didn’t until after the show and even then, she didn’t feel like she was genuine.

Ramona claimed she reached out to her everyday after the show ended and brought print outs of the texts but Dorinda and Leah argued it wasn’t genuine. They got into it a bit but by the end of the reunion, both Ramona and Dorinda said they were open to working things out.

As all housewives fans know, as of right now Dorinda will not be returning next season. I’ll miss the Berkshires!!

That’s it for RHONY but we’ll definitely be here doing recaps of some of your other fave housewives franchises so keep tuning in to AfterBuzz TV! If you’re a fan of the Real Housewives of New York make sure to share this with a friend!

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