Top Moments From ‘Big Brother All-Stars Episode’ 10

Another OG is out of the Big Brother house and Tyler might be done with David after he makes a huge rookie mistake. Here are our highlights from episode 10 of ‘Big Brother All-Stars’.

It’s a sad day for many Big Brother fans, that’s because a legend has been evicted from the house. Janelle was the latest person to get eliminated from the game. She gave it everything she had, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to save her.

Here are the tops moments from Big Brother All-Stars episode 10.

Securing The Votes

Janelle was on a mission to make sure she had enough votes to keep her safe for another week in the game.

Our girl literally did everything in her power to get people on her side, including offering her wedding band to Cody.

While talking to several houseguests the odds seemed like they were in her favor. Tyler admitted that he was starting to regret putting Janelle up for eviction in the first place. He thinks he’s going to be the bigger target when she leaves the house.

Memphis agreed he would vote in her favor if she could secure five votes, while Bayleigh and Da’Vonne did not want another girl to go home.

Rookie Move

Some drama also went down in the house and it all centered around David. This came after Tyler told David that Da’Vonne wanted to vote against him last week.

Tyler stressed to David that he could not tell Da’Vonne this information, but he does so anyway by first going to Bayleigh, then Da‘Vonne.

David spills to Da’Vonne that it was Tyler and Cody who were giving him this information. Da’Vonne could sense that David did not trust her, which got her visibly upset.

On the other end of the spectrum, you better believe when Tyler found out he was furious, and now knows he has an even bigger target on his back.

This could be bad for David’s game. Both Da’vonne and Tyler are not happy with David due to the fact they’ve both been trying to protect him while in the house.

We Say Goodbye To A Legend

This elimination faked us out. It all started when Dani and Enzo decided to flip the switch and vote out Kaysar.

This gave some viewers hope that all of Janelle’s hard work paid off, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The rest of the houseguests decided to keep Kaysar sending Janelle home.

Janelle played an amazing game, but her back was against the wall. The majority of the house knew she was a major threat, and we can’t be mad at them for getting rid of someone as good as Janelle.

Next up, The Head Of HouseHold Competition. Who do you think will claim victorious, and who will be the next two people on the chopping block. Let us know!

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