Top Chef S17 E8 Recap & After Show: Who Survived Restaurant Wars?

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Episode 8 of Top Chef All Stars IS THE MAIN EVENT, PEOPLE. The blood, sweat and tears most chefs spend years shedding to open their dream restaurant is condensed into three admittedly still sweaty days  for our Top 8 Cheftestants, all striving towards the main badge of honor this competition hands out: the ability to say you SURVIVED Restaurant Wars. Better yet, THRIVED. Well, thanks to some shrewd, calculating moves on the winner’s part and some martyr-like Braveheart moves on the losing side, we got our Haitian-flavored victory. But did a good chef fall on his paring knife all in the name of honor? And just how bloody did this chicken-filled battle get?
To quote the great philosopher Rhianna = this is what you came for.
Today’s show was hosted by Anna Walls and David Gordon.

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