Top Chef S17 E7 Recap & After Show: Salty Eggs And Salty Duck

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Top Chef has always been in a cooking show staple, and we’ve got you covered week after week. Each week, on the TOP CHEF AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW our hosts is here the incredible recipes, fierce competitors, and delicious concoctions. From flan to flame-grilled burgers, we’re covering everything, and we’re here to make sure YOU don’t miss a thing.

Episode 7 of Top Chef All Stars was like the warm up sequence in Rocky – the moment before the big fight – our cheftestants are prepping for the culinary battle of Restaurant Wars in every sense of the word, pitching their dream restaurant and making their concept representation dishes, trying to give the judges a taste of both their food and their visions.
Stay tuned to watch married couple Anne and Dave talk about who sent the Judges to nirvana with their southern curry and who presented the deadly fusion of under-seasoned and over-salted?
Stay tuned for the blood match. THIS IS TOP CHEF – THE AFTERSHOW.

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