Top Chef S17 E12-E14 Recap & After Show: It’s the End

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Top Chef has always been in a cooking show staple, and we’ve got you covered week after week. Each week, on the TOP CHEF AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW our hosts is here the incredible recipes, fierce competitors, and delicious concoctions. From flan to flame-grilled burgers, we’re covering everything, and we’re here to make sure YOU don’t miss a thing.

Join us for our last taste of the season – we’re covering the last 3 episodes of the show and we’re doing things a little differently this episode. Join the Gordons as we talk about the Top 5 heading to Italy (thank you American Airlines) truffle hunting when one of them should have been functional vertebrae hunting, then serving some hungry Italian villagers, then in the next episode hitting a friendly 300+ year old meat cave and showing everyone that the women in this show are forces to be reckoned with, then we’ll get to the MAIN DISH – the riveting and tasty finale of an even tastier All Star Season. THIS IS TOP CHEF ALL STARS – THE FINAL AFTERSHOW. WE LOVE YOU!

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