Top Chef S17 E10 Recap & After Show: DUCKING IT UP

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Top Chef has always been in a cooking show staple, and we’ve got you covered week after week. Each week, on the TOP CHEF AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW our hosts is here the incredible recipes, fierce competitors, and delicious concoctions. From flan to flame-grilled burgers, we’re covering everything, and we’re here to make sure YOU don’t miss a thing.

Episode 10 of Top Chef All Stars takes us to the faraway, exotic lands of Japan – by way of the LA Coliseum. After a quickfire that’s a sweet trip for some, and gives others a toothache – our Cheftestants face one of their most grueling challenges yet: cooking tiny portions for giant athletes. Kidding kidding – the athletes are regular sized – the portions are still tiny. But as we find out – creating a perfect, precise 6 course traditional Japanese meal isn’t for the faint of heart…even with a powerlifter on board.
Join married hosts Anne and Dave Gordon and buckle up for an episode that causes one judge to pick something out of their teeth while saying “WHAT THE SHELL?” and sends one Chef home for DUCKING IT UP.

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