Top 5 Moments From The Fourth Episode of ‘The Bachelorette’

A shocking night filled with everything we have been waiting for on the latest episode of ‘The Bachelorette’, here are the top 5 moments!

Dale being called out of the room by Chris Harrison for an overnight date this early on finally happened!!

Dale and Clare have gone off on their own and instead of a cocktail party and rose ceremony the pair got a one on one date that led to a fantasy suite something that you don’t typically see until it’s down to the final three guys. But was typical on this season of The Bachelorette?

Kenny spoke honestly to Clare

Clare breaks up with all the other guys thanking them for coming but saying that she is going to pursue things with Dale, something that once again has never been done in Bachelor Nation history! Kenny is the only guy to probably say how they are all feeling in that moment. He said that she led them all on when she knew what she wanted. “You should apologize for faking it and not admitting you were in love with Dale from the first night because that’s what it seemed like.” All the other guys wished her well and said how happy they were for her.

Dale proposing to Clare

After breaking up with all the other guys Clare choses to only move forward with Dale and now comes the make or break moment if he will join her on this crazy journey to find love. He does! He gets the iconic Neil Lane ring, gets down on one knee and asks Clare to marry him! She of course says yes and Bachelor Nation is in shock about how fast this all went down.

The remaining guys gathering to find out who the new bachelorette is

You could feel the suspense in the air as all of the guys waited in the living room to see who Chris Harrison was bringing in. In true bachelor nation fashion it was filled with suspense and of course we have to wait for next week to see how they react to Tayshia walking in the room. All of the guys looked so dapper in their suits so they are sure to leave a great impression on Tayshia when we get to see them all meet!

Tayshia stepping out of the limo

Last week we saw Tayisha get out of the pool and this week we got to see her get out of the limo. While the guys don’t know she is the new bachelorette yet we all can’t help but scream in excitement as she walks into the resort in that STUNNING green dress!

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