Top 5 Moments From ‘RHONY’ Reunion Part 2

The drama is heating up as the season winds down and we’re breaking down the biggest moments of ‘RHONY’.

If you thought part one of the Real Housewives of New York came out strong, things definitely did not slow down during part two! Let’s get into it!

Tinsley’s Departure

Okay, I know I said we get two more episodes with Tinsley but turns out part two was her final episode. She definitely made sure she left with a bang. Tinsley has been a trending name during both parts of the reunion. Fans couldn’t get enough of the fiery personality she brought to the reunion. Dorinda and Tinsley continued to go back and forth during the reunion.

The topic of Dorinda going off on Leah during the finale for mentioning Tinsley’s name came up and Tinsley feels that Dorinda is obsessed with her life. Dorinda said that she felt like Tinsley shouldn’t have gotten any type of shoutout since she left midseason and didn’t bring Leah on the show even though Andy tried to explain that she and Leah built a friendship before Leah met the other ladies and Leah was just saying she was happy that Tinsley introduced her to the ladies.

Overall, Tinsley and Dorinda didn’t really resolve anything. Dorinda apologized for her behavior towards Tinsley but Tinsley said “Too little, too late.” Tinsley made her exit to head back to Chicago to see Scott and her two pups.

Leah vs Ramona

During the season we have seen Leah and Ramona have a relationship full of ups and downs. Some of their issues were addressed during part two. One of which being the standards Ramona holds Leah compared to the other ladies. Leah feels as though the other ladies get to be open and say what they want and Ramona laughs and joins in the conversation but if Leah brings up the same topics or even says things that aren’t as drastic as some of the other comments made by the ladies, Ramona gets mad or storms off.

Leah is a free spirit as we’ve seen and she feels Ramona judges her for that. Ramona says she feels like a second mother to Leah and that’s why she gets on Leah so much and that she didn’t want those kinds of conversations with her daughter around even though she’s grown. Leah wasn’t really buying Ramona saying that phrase again. Leah brought up a moment where Ramona was making pretty PG-13 comments around her daughter so she doesn’t understand the judgement from Ramona.

Luann Gets Vulnerable

I’ve absolutely loved Luann this season. She has been very open with what was going on in her life and seeing her in a better and happier place has been so nice. During the reunion Luann got a bit emotional about her father. She and her father were very close and at one time he dealt with alcoholism. During the season, she said how when she went through what she went through with alcohol, she was able to understand what her father went through more.

Andy pointed out how Luann was the voice of reason a lot this season and how ever since she took a sip of alcohol for the first time in a while on one of the episodes, she controlled her drinking a lot. Luann explained how she learned her limits and feels in control of her drinking and when she sees herself get out of control a little, she takes a step back and reels herself in.

Leah vs Ramona…Again

Ramona caught tons of heat for bringing up Leah living with Bipolar Disorder. Leah says Ramona’s friends had nothing better to do and googled her where they probably found an article she wrote in 2016 about being diagnosed with it. Though it was online, Leah and the other ladies made it clear that it was Leah’s story to tell and Ramona shouldn’t have broadcasted it on the show.

Ramona said it wasn’t done with malicious intent but Leah didn’t believe her. She said Ramona knew what she was doing and that it would end up on the show. Leah also shared that her daughter didn’t know and she had to have a conversation with her about it.

Dorinda’s Love Life

Dorinda’s break up with John was a big moment considering the fact that they had been together for many years. Andy asked Dorinda if she was seeing anyone new and a huge grin spread across her face as Luann got super excited. Though she blushed and hinted, she did not reveal too much information!

‘RHONY’ wraps up during part three which airs Thursday September 24th at 9pm.

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