Top 5 Moments From Part One Of The ‘RHONY’ Reunion

From big gowns to big arguments, we’re breaking down some of the biggest moments from part one of ‘The Real Housewives Of New York’ Reunion.

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Posted On: September 13th, 2020 5:59 pm pst

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There’s no question that the ladies of New York held nothing back from the very beginning of the reunion. So much happened and this is only the beginning, so let’s break down some of the biggest and most jaw dropping moments of part one.

Ramona’s Covid Controversy

From the start, Andy introduced the ladies and then got straight to the point. How Ramona has responded to the pandemic has been quite the buzz amongst the ladies and the viewers so it was no surprise that the subject was brought up right away. Leah and Dorinda were very vocal about Ramona and the pandemic. They feel as though she has not taken it seriously and has not made a huge effort to be safe. Ramona found out she had Covid antibodies and the ladies called her out for going out a lot and not wearing a mask. Andy tried to help her understand how this could be controversial but Ramona did not want to talk about it. I think “I don’t have the virus!” and “I don’t wear a mask in the ocean!” will be stuck in our heads for a while.

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Leah’s First Reunion

Leah had such an iconic first season, of course her first reunion was going to start out pretty iconic as well. From the moment she stepped out in her bold and unique gown, Leah brought it the entire episode! Her big and real personality has been a big hit amongst the viewers and Andy told her about some prominent names vocalizing their love for her this season. Leah was honest and open about how she saw herself this season and what her family thought. She said her dad loves it (and has the biggest crush on Sonja), her mom wasn’t the biggest fan of some of her behavior, Rob gets a little jealous of the guys she was seen with and her daughter Kier hasn’t seen that many episodes. I can’t wait to see what else she brings to the rest of the reunion! BTW, did anyone catch her wing tattoo story?!

Dorinda VS Andy

We definitely saw Dorinda get into it often with the ladies including Luann and Ramona but during the reunion, she had a tiny moment with Andy when he asked her a question. He asked a fan question about why she gets defensive about the topic of drinking. Andy wanted her to answer and felt like she was deflecting.

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Tinsley’s Return

It was very clear that I am not the only one who was sad when Tinsley left although it was sweet to see her happy about her future with Scott. Naturally, her return to the reunion was a big hit! We get two more episodes with Tinsley(reunion part two and three)! Tinsley updated the viewers about her relationship with Scott by saying that they are doing great and the move was very positive for their relationship. Let’s not forget…her reunion look was AMAZING!! We wish Tinsley a lifetime of happiness although she will be missed.

Tinsley VS Dorinda

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Dorinda and Tinsley have had a very tense relationship this season. Hopefully they settle it by the end of the reunion but as for now, things are still a bit heated. Towards the end of the reunion, Tinsley revealed some information about why she thinks Dorinda doesn’t like her. Dorinda denies the claims but Bravo showed some unseen footage before the episode ended. This was a huge moment that was trending and it seems like that moment will continue when part two airs.

Part two airs Thursday, September 17th at 9pm and we’re definitely tuning in. 

By the way, how can you not love Sonja?! Her moment during the reunion where she put sanitizer on her legs for a shine is literally the type of carefree personality I strive to have!

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