Top 5 Moments From ‘In the Dark’

The five best moments of season 2 of ‘In the Dark’

The most recent season of In the Dark has fans on the edge of their seat. The crazy twists and turns that go on throughout the thirteen episodes left us shocked every time!

***Spoilers ahead!***

#5 Murphy’s love and loyalty to Max knows no limits and that was proven time and time again this season. She got involved in Nia’s entire drug operation to make sure he stayed alive in prison. For a girl who doesn’t do relationships she really seems to have this unconditional love for Max. And the most dramatic moment of it all was when she snuck drugs into the prison through her cane, so that Max could once again stay alive in there.

#4 With all that Murphy has done for Max, she literally broke the law to save him, it came as a big surprise when she decided to choose IRS Josh over Max. I think with all the illegal activity, drug cartels, and everything in between that she went through this season she wanted someone good and wholesome like Josh.

She didn’t want to be burying bodies in the woods, running from hitmen, and who she became when she was with Max. Those of us who are rooting for Max and Murphy can only hope she will realize she made the wrong decision, which we kind of saw in the last episode but only time will tell if they will end up together.

#3 Dean getting away with Tyson’s murder after all the evidence Murphy gave to the police all because he said he could bring in Nia, the head of the entire drug operation. The police chief let him keep his badge and ignored the audio recording Murphy had of Dean admitting to what he did. It left everyone screaming in frustration at the TV, especially after all Murphy went to, to find out who killed Tyson. She even ended up in the hospital because of Dean trying to get away with killing Tyson.

#2 Murphy, Felix, Jess and Max were all trying to make a quick escape from Chicago after burying Ben and Nia but they had to go back for Pretzel. When they got to the apartment Josiah, Nia’s competing drug lord, was there with Pretzel waiting for them to return. He wanted the drugs that they had promised him from Nia. It was frightening to see what he would do to get them. I mean after all he did kill one of his guys for no reason last time they met.

#1 The most shocking moment of the entire season wasn’t when Dean killed himself, but when Jess walked into the bar and killed Nia to save Murphy. This was completely out of character for Jess as she is the goody two shoes of the group, but it shows just how much she loves Murphy. She came back for her which is a telling sign of a lifelong friendship.

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