Top 5 Moments From ‘Big Brother All-Stars’ Episode 5!

It’s heating up in the Big Brother House. Da’Vonne is a queen, Memphis pulls a fast one, and Ian changes the game. Here are our top 5 moments from ‘Big Brother All-Stars’ episode 5.

Another episode of Big Brother All-Stars has finally arrived, and as someone who is brand new to watching this show, I have to say each episode gets better and better.

From the Safety Suite Competition, to the eviction nominations, here are the top 5 moments from Big Brother All-Stars episode 5.

5. Da’Vonne Is A Queen

Da’Vonne is easily becoming another fan favorite in my book. The woman is fierce and has so much confidence in herself, how can you not love her?

She opened up during Sunday’s episode explaining how she was mistreated because of the complexion of her skin.

She said she let those words get to her in the past, but no more. Today she is the strong, beautiful, and confident Da’Vonne we all know and love.

4. Memphis is sneaky, sneaky, sneaky

Memphis is Head Of Household, and he’s using his power to make sure he’s safe in the weeks ahead.

He wanted everyone to compete in the Safety Suite Competition, so the following week he would be the only one that would be eligible to participate if he needed to.

I have to give it to Memphis. This guy is playing hard and thinking ahead.

Memphis also wants to take out Ian, who he sees as a major threat in the game, which is why Ian makes it to our number three spot.

3.Ian Chooses His Own Fate

Ian continues to impress me. This guy came to play, but he’s doing it in such a clever way,

The Big Brother winner saw right through Memphis, after he was told that everyone should compete in The Safety Suite Challenge.

Even though Ian did compete in the competition, he made sure to make a deal with Christmas, that ended up being a game changer.

2.Everybody In The Club Gettin Tipsy

As someone who watches MTV’s The Challenge, I was a little skeptical on how I would feel about Big Brother’s competitions.

The competitions on Big Brother are very simple, yet I am glued to my TV screen watching these houseguests compete.

This week’s Safety Suite competition was called Getting Tipsy and I loved it.

They had to balance cardboard drinks on an unstable table, and the fastest one to do so without the drinks falling wins.

I low key was rooting for David, because he is the rookie of the group, and I have a soft spot for the underdogs.

However David fell short and Christmas earned the W. Not only did she win, but she saved Ian from getting put up for eviction.

1.David VS. Nicole

Memphis made his decision on who to put up for nomination, and he chose David and Nicole.

I was a little surprised by Nicole getting picked, but for David I saw it coming, and I was a little bummed.

David was the first person to get evicted from the house in his last season, so we haven’t seen him play this game to his full potential.

This will give him the perfect opportunity to prove if he has what it takes to stay in the house.

Who do you think will be sent home next week? Let us know!

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