Top 5 Celebrity Christmas Trees So Far…

The Holidays are almost here, in honor of the festivities, Afterbuzz TV is ranking the top 5 celebrity Christmas trees so far this season

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Posted On: November 17th, 2020 8:52 pm pst

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The holiday season is here and lets be real, most of us can’t wait until 2020 is over, so lets spread some early cheer. Celebrities did not wait this year to start their Christmas decorating, so needless to say they’re feeling the need to speed up 2020 as well.

Since everyone seems to be in the Christmas spirit, we decided to rank which celebrities have the best christmas trees so far. 

Starting off our list at number 5 is The Bachelor’s Nick Viall. The 6’2’ posted a picture on November 5th in pajamas with the caption, “Can’t be patient with everything.” 

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A post shared by Nick Viall (@nickviall)

This tree is lightly frosted with accents of gold and silver. Nick kept it simple with a red checkered tree skirt, but let’s be honest who’s really paying attention to the tree?

Coming in at our number 4 spot on the Christmas tree list is MTV’s very own Snookie. 

The Jersey Shore alumni kept it classic with a green nordman Christmas tree. Nicole “Snookie” lit the tree with white lights and the original Rudolf wrapped in colored lights, while Nicole cuddled her Santa statue. 

Hitting the number 3 spot on our celebrity Christmas tree list is Queer Eye’s Tan France. 

The television stylist accented his mid-century modern home with a classic tree complimented with red and gold ornaments..not to mention what looked like a gold crown at the top of the tree and we are completely here for this! The television host posed in a lavender sweater and grey jogger captioning, “10 year Halloween tradition. Christmas Tree goes up. 

Haters back off!! 😝” 

Coming in at number 2 from across the pond in the UK is Britain’s Got Talent’s judge Amanda Holden.

The talent show judge revealed that “We’ve gone early .. #2020 meant all rules out of the window.” Holden gave her instagram followers the view of the Christmas peacock in her tree and obviously it was fabulous. Needless to say she hits our number 2 spot as a whole mood, because early Christmas is definitely a mood in 2020! 

Finally our number 1 spot goes to none other than the self proclaimed Queen of Christmas herself, Mariah Carey!

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A post shared by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey)

The reigning Christmas Queen had a complete setup with faux snow and not one but three Christmas trees in a video posted to instagram. The All I want for Christmas singer posed alongside her Jack Russell Terriers in a Mariah Carey cartoon printed pajama telling viewers, “It’s time!” while sprinkling faux snow in front of the camera. The diva’s main tree consisted of large pink ornaments, with two miniature cone sparkle trees to accent all of her fabulousness. 

We’ll see if Mariah can maintain the number 1 spot for the entire Christmas season with her tree setup, until then those are  our top 5 so far. Stay tuned for more celebrity trees as we get closer to Christmas!

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