Top 3 Moments From The ‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Season 5 Episode 10

Tensions were high after the big fight, and we’re breaking down Sunday night’s biggest moments.

Sunday night’s episode of RHOP was full of “who’s side are you on” moments. All of the ladies weighed in on the fight that happened between Candiace and Monique and gave their opinions on who was right and who was wrong. This season has already unpacked so much, so as I always say, let’s get into it!

Monique’s Explanation

Most of Sunday’s episode was centered around the sit down with Monique, Karen, Gizelle, Wendy, Robyn and Ashley(plus baby Dean). Monique asked Karen to host it at her house so that she could explain her side of the story to the ladies and get answers about that night. When all of the ladies arrive and sit to talk with Monique, we could all tell tensions were high. I think Gizelle arriving with a bodyguard was a pretty big sign!

Monique basically said that who she was that night is not who she is as a person. She said that she felt no remorse, she blacked out and didn’t remember anything from that night until she was whisked away after being pulled off of Candiace. She also said that she started to remember bits and pieces days later. This is a bit tricky because Bravo showed a flashback of her leaving in the car and detailing what happened when the fight broke out.

All of the ladies except for Karen and Ashley weren’t phased and were very upset with Monique, feeling she was being condescending. The whole sit down was emotional for Monique and Karen and Ashley said that they would be there for her as she works on herself.

Which Side Are The Ladies Taking

During the episode, we clearly got to see which side each of the ladies took. All of them said that Monique was wrong for attacking Candiace but some were a bit more upset than others. So far, Gizelle, Robyn and Wendy are completely upset with Monique and weren’t phased by her explanation of the story.

How upset they were definitely caught me by surprise because in the moment of the fight, we weren’t able to tell who was on which side since everyone was pretty much in complete shock. Having a few days to think about what happened allowed the ladies to sort out their feelings towards the situation.

Candiace Sits With Her Therapist

As everyone was having the sit down at Karen’s house, the episode flashes to Candiace at her therapist’s office. This moment gave us all the opportunity to hear both sides at the same time.

Candiace was also very emotional about the situation. She said she saw Monique as a sister and didn’t understand what she did that was so bad that Monique wanted to fight her.

We’ve seen Monique and Candiace’s friendship at its highest and lowest and hopefully they can work it out in the future.

The episode ended with its midseason trailer and it looks like the season will get bigger and funnier than ever! RHOP airs every Sunday night at 9pm.

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