Top 3 Moments From ‘RHOP’ Season 5 Episode 18

Ahead of the finale things are staying intense amongst the women of Potomac!

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Posted On: November 30th, 2020 11:02 pm pst

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Sunday night’s episode was pretty intense! As season 5 of the Real Housewives Of Potomac is coming close to the end, the women continue to show us that they know how to keep the drama alive till the very last episode! Let’s get into it!

Gizelle’s Daughters

Gizelle took her three daughters to dinner for her oldest daughter’s birthday. While celebrating, she decided to let them know that their father was going to be visiting and staying with them for a week. The girls didn’t seem too excited about the news and Gizelle made it clear in her confessional that they are very protective of her and don’t like to see her hurt so they do feel a way about their dad, something she wants to see change.

Gizelle also planned a family photo for her, Jamal (her ex husband and current boyfriend) and their 3 daughters, but he missed his flight and was a no show. Gizelle tried to play it off and keep a brave face in which production asked if she believes she’s letting him off the hook too easy. She basically said that she was disappointed but needed to show her daughters that you keep moving forward.

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Ashley’s Uncle Confronts Michael

We all have seen Ashley’s marriage to Michael experience ups and downs, and at the moment they are recovering from Michael’s newest scandal. Earlier in the season, Ashley met with her uncle and mom who made it clear that they were upset and wanted to speak with Michael.

Fast forward to Sunday night’s episode, Ashley’s uncle and mom visited for dinner where they confronted Michael. Her uncle said Michael hurt the whole family and her mom said it was like he cheated on all of them. Michael apologized and guaranteed it was a one time thing and that he has been working on himself. 

Both Ashley’s mom and uncle basically told him that they don’t want an apology, they want him to figure it out and never have anything like that happen again.

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Karen’s Wig Launch Party

This party was A LOT!! First, there was a bit of controversy because Ashley called out Karen for telling all of the ladies during the trip that she wasn’t inviting Monique, but told Monique she was invited, which Karen denied.

She had Monique come early for a quick moment before the rest of the women arrived. Things got heated at the party when Ashley handed Karen antacids as a joke gift in reference to her not drinking on the trip and saying she had stomach issues and an ulcer. Ashley then brought up that Karen drank at Monique’s son’s birthday party. Karen got upset as the women brought that up as well as how she coordinated having Monique and Candiace come to her launch party.

Karen said she was trying to make sure everyone was comfortable and it was not a set up. She then got upset and left her own party!! Candiace is now upset with Karen and said she tried to get her to come early as well so it felt like she was trying to purposefully have her and Monique there at the same time. The women told her that Karen was not her real friend.

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WHEW this was an intense episode and the finale which airs on Sunday at 9pm, seems even more intense!!

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