Top 3 Moments From “RHOP’ Season 5 Episode 17

Things were going good with the ladies…until they weren’t! Here’s what Happened!

As the cast trip to Madeira, Portugal, came to an end, the ladies were getting along and having a great time! That is until Ashley dropped a bomb on Candiace during the final night of the trip! Let’s get into the top 3 moments from Sunday night’s episode:

Karen Is Left Out Of Robyn’s Photoshoot

Last episode, we saw Robyn tell Gizelle that she got the pictures from her hat photo shoot that she had all of the ladies pose for. While at a Poncha tasting, she showed her new website with all of the photos. Everyone loved how their pictures turned out but asked where Karen’s pictures were.

Robyn said that Karen’s pictures didn’t come out great, and they didn’t match the rest of the website. Instead of making it a big issue, Karen gave a quick “I’m good” followed by a confessional where she tossed the hat she wore in the photo shoot and said, “Thank you, next!” I guess that was the end of that! *snaps*

Karen Announces Wig Line

While at lunch, Karen announced that she is starting a wig line. Gizelle made a few comments about it during her confessional, saying that Karen is always starting businesses and kind of asking what’s next.

Karen invited the ladies to a wig party she’s having to introduce her new line. They ask if she’s inviting Monique, and she says no. In the trailer for next week, it looks like Monique actually does get an invite from Karen, so I’m guessing we’re going to get a drama-filled episode next week because I don’t think the ladies are going to be happy!

Ashley Tells Candiace About Statement

For the last night of the trip, Ashley and Gizelle hosted a dominatrix party for the group, where they played games and shared secrets. Towards the end of the party, they agreed that they had a great time on the trip and everyone had been getting along for the most part. At that moment, things took a turn because Ashley then told Candiace and the rest of the group about the statement she was writing against Candiace to help Monique.

Ashley made it clear that the statement was about her history with Candiace and the rest of the ladies said the statement is an assassination of Candiace’s character and discredits her case against Monique. Ashley said she only wrote it because she was worried about what could happen to Monique, but the rest of the group (excluding Karen because she says she’s staying neutral) said she wasn’t there, stating Monique only asked because she knew Ashley would write it because of her history with Candiace.

They also felt that Ashley saw an opening to get back at Candiace since Ashley did make a comment earlier saying that she and Candiace are even now.

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