Top 3 Iconic Moments From Last Night’s RHONJ

The ladies of The Real Housewives of New Jersey pack so much in one episode, I had to make a list!

I am absolutely loving this season so far! Though I’m ready for the cheating rumors feud to end between Teresa and Jackie, the Real Housewives Of New Jersey cast is still giving us iconic moments throughout the episodes! Let’s get into the top three!


Teresa is living her best life this season and I am living for it!! She seems so at ease (despite the feud) and like she is just having fun! I don’t think we’ve ever seen Teresa so open and free in past seasons. She’s dealt with a lot and it finally seems like it’s her time to not have to worry about so much. From making her brother Joe all flustered and embarrassed, to throwing the wildest pool party ever, Teresa was part of the reason why last night’s episode was amazing!!

The Husbands

The husbands of RHONJ are probably the best husband group of all the franchises! Their bond, their jokes and how they love to have fun together make them so exciting to watch. They lived up to their iconic reputation during the episode, mostly at the pool party. As soon as they’re in the same building, they flock to each other like best buds! All of their side comments to each other, whether they’re talking about the ladies drama or Joe Benigno being dressed by Margaret, they keep me entertained! Also, did anyone catch how they helped carry drunk Jennifer out of the pool party the same way they helped carry her husband Bill last season?! They’re simply the best!


I think we are really going to see Jennifer’s personality shine this season. We just finished episode 5 and I already feel like we know more about her than last season. She’s showing us the family side of her like moving her dad into her home and being active with her and her husband’s five children and we also still get to see the fun side of Jennifer! Though we saw a bit of that last season, I really feel like we’re getting more of her this season. She seems very genuine, kind and fun and I’m enjoying her so far!

I have a feeling things are just getting good and you aren’t going to want to miss it! The Real Housewives Of New York airs every Wednesday night at 9pm PST.

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