Top 10 Alexis Rose Moments!

Schitt’s Creek actress Annie Murphy is starring in the new dark comedy Kevin Can F**K Himself! As we dive into the new series, we’re recalling some of our favorite Alexis Rose moments. 

Fans know and love Canadian actress Annie Murphy for her starring role as the charmingly airy Alexis Rose in POP and CBC Television sitcom Schitt’s Creek. After the show ended with six wonderful seasons, Annie began working on the AMC dark comedy Kevin Can F**K Himself. In celebration of her new series, let’s take a look at some of our favorite moments from her breakthrough role as Alexis!

*Schitt’s Creek Spoilers Ahead*

“A Little Bit Alexis”

Alexis auditions for the town’s ”Cabaret” musical using the title track off of her “critically reviewed, limited reality series, “A Little Bit Alexis”. A behind-the-scenes fun fact about the song: Annie Murphy wrote the lyrics of the song, while her husband, Menno Versteeg, produced it with bandmate Nixon Boyd. Fans have taken videos of performing the fun song, and Kelly Clarkson even performed a remix with Annie Murphy on The Kelly Clarkson Show, titled “A Whole Lotta Texas”, which you can enjoy below. The hilariously iconic scene can be viewed in Season 5 Episode 8, “The Hospies”.

Finger Taps Instead of Knocking

Instead of knocking on doors, Alexis would let someone know she is entering a room by tapping her pointer finger lightly on a sturdy surface. Most commonly, as Alexis enters the patient room in Ted’s veterinary office, she commonly taps on the filing cabinet right next to the door. This is Alexis’ cute, polite way of entering any room. Here’s a short behind the scenes video of Season 4 Episode 6 “The Rollout” which begins with Alexis’ light tapping entrance.

Stories From Her Past

Alexis is well-known for chiming in with stories from her past during conversations. But these stories always seem to be wildly unique experiences that no one would ever imagine could have happened. Let’s take a look at some of Alexis’ riveting stories:

“ Ew, DAviD”

Fun fact: Even though “Ew, David” seems to be the fan-favorite line of Schitt’s Creek, Alexis only says the line twice throughout the entire series. However, her exclamation of saying “ew” or “David” separately appears countless times throughout the show. Many fans have even sported the famous Schitt’s Creek quote on t-shirts! Check out the video below for Alexis’ best “David” moments, and take a look at Annie’s instagram post poking fun at Alexis’ famous line:


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Nose Boops

Why does she do it? Perhaps to be cute, to show someone she is proud of them, or to try being hilariously condescending. Regardless of the reason, Alexis’ little nose boops that she gives to others is another common, precious gesture of hers.

“David, You Get Murdered First”

A personal favorite of mine, this scene from the first episode of Schitt’s Creek was one of the first times we watched Alexis and David’s bickering. From here on out, watching a scene with the hilarious sibling duo in it was certain to become a favorite right away. In the referred scene, David claims he needs to sleep in the bed farthest from the door of the motel room because he doesn’t want to get murdered first if someone broke into their room at night. Alexis and David fight over the farthest bed claiming they’d rather the other get murdered first.

Alexis’ Character Development in “RIP Moira Rose”

One of the biggest character growth moments for Alexis Rose was when she convinces farmer Heather to offer exclusivity on her cheese products for David’s apothecary store. This moment was especially strong of Alexis because it was difficult for her to see her ex-boyfriend at the time, Ted, happy in a relationship with Heather. Alexis let go of her broken heart for a moment and took the high road by showing her happiness for Heather and Ted, and in turn helped David seal the deal on the cheese. This powerful scene can be watched in Season 4 Episode 5: “RIP Moira Rose”.

Single’s Week

Another incredible development for Alexis was when she organized and hosted “Singles Week” for the town. Not only did this fun week provide a big step in her PR career, but Alexis also conveyed a sense of enhanced maturity and responsibility by organizing a successful event. “Singles Week” was a big attraction that contributed positively to the town, to the motel bookings, and most notably, it encouraged Alexis and Ted to happily get back together. “Singles Week” is the twelfth episode of the fourth season.

Alexis and Twyla’s Friendship

Talk about BFF goals! Alexis and Twyla form a friendship throughout the series, but it becomes most notable during the final season of the show. Alexis and “Twy” begin to confide in each other, and they even share a few secrets along the way. Their sessions of “girl talk” often issue a turning point for Alexis in a given episode. Alexis and Twyla’s friendship truly becomes a special, close-knit bond where they continue to inspire each other in their separate lives. Not to mention, they also share this adorable friendship off-screen!


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Wearing White to David’s Wedding

One last sibling bicker of the series occurs when Alexis wears a beautiful, floor-length white dress to David’s wedding that she had purchased for the event. Despite the color and the beauty of the gown, Alexis unknowingly wears the dress, and ends up looking like the real bride at David’s wedding. This disaster turns into a hilarious argument between Alexis and David, but eventually they let the mishap go, conveying a sense of maturity and growth between the two characters and their loving relationship. Just a friendly warning that you might be balling happy tears by the end of the clip.

Although there are countless iconic Alexis Rose moments, the favorites rounded up here seem to describe her character in a nutshell. On the surface, Alexis may seem like a gullible, ignorant twenty-something, but in reality she is a kind, caring girl who is passionate about her work, and deserves true love in its purest form. We are so proud to continue following Annie in her career, and can’t wait to see what her new character brings to the table.

Kevin Can F**k Himself airs weekly on AMC, or you can stream it on AMC+.

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