Too Much Drama 4 Yo Mama! – S16 E3 ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap & Review

Rocky Marriage? Need Therapy? Need it like a kick in the butt?! Well the cast of Marriage Bootcamp certainly do, and the MARRIAGE BOOT CAMP AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW is right here to break down ALL the emotions as the therapists strive to save their marriages! Tune in weekly for in depth discussion on each episode alongside potential cast interviews and juicy news and gossip! Be sure to like, subscribe, share, and comment!

This episode got super heated as Bianca has a lil drama, Joseline confronts her about it, then Balistic goes ballistic. It all started during a couple’s exercise that was suppose to test their individual loyalty to their partners. Half of their partners attended a pool party full of attractive people while the other half watched on monitors. It’s safe to say Balistic did not like what he saw! Granted, Joseline was feeding fruit to another man, but Balistic really through a tantrum.

On a more positive note “Bootcamp is working!” Make sure to leave a comment with your reactions to the episode and hosts Byron K, Shayna, and Zakiyyah will break it all down!

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