Too Hot To Handle Season 1 Reunion Recap & After Show: All your favorite sexy singles are back for a tell all!

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Filmed in Paradise, netflix’s Too Hot To Handle weighs the question of whether or not sexy singles can give up any form of sexual contact for money when it’s all too easy. Join us on the TOO HOT TO HANDLE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW where we’re covering all the episodes, all the drama, and all the hot steamy moments! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.

Episode Recap

First up is Harry and Francesca – and we learn Harry is a born again virgin!  They visited each other, broke up and got back together.  Harry proposes to her with a ring pop over Zoom.  Next up is Chloe who exchanges new words with our host.  Everyone agrees that Matt would be most likely to be president.  Kelz would be best cop and he’s up next for an interview – he’s still single and getting a lot of international interest from the ladies.  And now we talk to Haley – and again she didn’t take the show seriously and hated the people there.  Sharron is most likely to streak at the Super Bowl.  Kori is the most likely to complete Tinder.  Next up is Sharonda!  And they’re no longer a couple.  The men draw their penises.  Bryce surprises Desiree – he seems slightly reformed from the retreat and of course is on his boat and he sings a new song he wrote!  And finally we circle back around to Francesca and Harry where she accepts his proposal!
  • Hosts: Mike Thieling, Kelsey Meyer, Jessie Zahner, and Toree Weaver

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