‘Too Hot to Handle’ Midseason Reactions!

A new batch of hotties has recently entered the villa, and viewers have some thoughts. Fans took to Twitter to discuss every date, kiss, argument, and betrayal thus far!

James Being the Kissing Police

There’s usually one real disciplinarian in the house, like Kelz from season one. But there’s a thin line between being cautious and forgetting the goal of the show. Many felt he was neglecting his partner Brittan, who has seemingly moved on after the dramatic display during the most recent challenge, and her ending the night in bed with Ethan.

Nick and Jawahir

Jawahir first hit it off with Nigel, but Nick patiently did his meditations and waited for Jawahir to come around. Ultimately the two have gotten together and seem to be a fan-favorite, with many comparing them to Melinda and Peter from season two. Many fans on Twitter believe these two will make it out with the prize fund.

Kayla and Seb Spending Tons of the Prize Money:

Kayla and Seb have been a fairly strong couple since the beginning, but when a new girl Flavia arrived, they were shaken up a bit. Kayla took measures to seal their relationship, costing the villa $60,000 in just one night. Fans on Twitter had some strong opinions about the expensive tab the couple has run up, with some angry wanting the two to go home, some hoping for redemption, and others just finding their disregard entertaining.

Dominique Not Getting the Love She Deserves

I was side-eyeing my boyfriend when Dominique came on screen, and we could not believe that the guys weren’t completely drooling over her. So many of the girlies over on Twitter are rooting for Dominique to get more screen time.

Creed Switching Up Quicker Than the Speed of Light

Many viewers were shaken by Creed’s actions when his hypocrisy jumped out in the past couple of episodes. After the handsome newcomer, Ethan, invites Sophie on a date, she politely rejects his kiss to respect partner Creed, only for him to later ditch at the first sign that Flavia is interested.

New episodes of Too Hot To Handle will drop on Netflix on Dec. 14th.

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