To Catch A Beautician S1 E1 & E2 Recap & After Show: Johnny and Tamar have Arrived!

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Tamar Braxton and Johnny Wright are tracking down the beauty disasters and putting the causes to the test! Join us as we break it all down on the AFTERBUZZ TV TO CATCH A BEAUTICIAN AFTER SHOW PODCAST where each episode gets its own roundtable discussion! Be sure to Subscribe and comment!

EP 1 – You got a hole in her head

Taylor Coco, a local zumba instructor, is struggling with a painful hairstyle done by stylist Keesha. Keesha is confronted by Taylor Coco with the help of Johnny Wright and Tamar Braxton.

EP 2 – She ain’t got no edges either

Cherie, an actress is struggling to get new roles because of an incident caused by Adele, a hairstyle she met on set of a previous role. Adele is confronted by Cherie with the help of Johnny Wright and Tamar Braxton.

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