“To All the Partners I’ve Loved Before” Season 33 Episode 10 ‘MTV’s The Challenge War Of The Worlds’ Review

The killing floor is drowned in the tears of lake Georgia, while a hurricane blows her to Oz. Turbo orders a family size combo of Hunter at KFC, and Bear goes into hibernation for the season, but we’re sure we’ll see him again in the spring. Sidenote: Kyle’s hair will not stop growing until he can allow his Mom to ride it to the top window of the tower. (Rapunzel ya’ll. Get woke on your fairy tails) Here we go!

About The Challenge After Show:

The Challenge, a mix between Real World and Road Rules Challenge, featuring alumni from the past shows as the contestants compete for a cash prize, is such an insane show, we HAVE to talk about it! That’s why we have THE CHALLENGE AFTER SHOW! Tune in here for reviews, recaps and in-depth discussions of the latest episodes, as well as the insider scoop from cast and crew members on the show as we go crazy. It’s going to get bananas because there’s basically a different guest each week!

About The Challenge: 

It’s every player for himself in this edition of the long-running reality competition “The Challenge,” which for the first time shuns team play and awards a final prize that could exceed $500,000 to one person. The fun begins with 28 cast members — fan favorites from “The Challenge” joined by contestants from “Big Brother” and stars from MTV UK’s “Ex on the Beach” and “Geordie Shore” — in Spain looking to settle personal vendettas. In a new twist, players who survive grueling elimination rounds are awarded “Grenades,” allowing them a chance to get even with anyone in the house with whom they may have a beef. It adds up to a competition spiced with heightened drama, doubt and deception.