TKO Total Knockout S:1 | Episode 1 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

CBS’s new series TKO kicks off with a bang. Hosts Michael Rippe, Meagan Gitelman and Phil Svitek discuss which of the 5 contestants was their favorite – was it Barry, Jorge, Melanie, Tracey or Geronimo?) Plus they dissect the four obstacle zones and debate which section was the hardest. Of course they comment on Kevin Harts witty banter as the host of the show. All that and news and gossip, like which Big Brother contestant will be on the next episode. Get ready… T. K. GO!!!

About the TKO After Show:

Does it get any better than obstacle course competitions with Kevin Hart? Not really. But if you join us on our TKO: TOTAL KNOCKOUT AFTER SHOW, it can. We will discuss the contestants, the challenges and of course, your favorite moments from the show. Be sure to let us know your predictions for the winner!

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