“Thug Death” Season 1 Episode 6 ‘The Twilight Zone’ Review

Christian Bladt and Anjelica Trae break down episode six, “Six Degrees of Freedom”, including the dynamics of crew headed towards Mars while leaving behind a catastrophic fate for everyone they have ever cared about or known. They also discuss the concept of living life in a simulation, crew dynamics and the viability of colonizing Mars.

There is a podcast, beyond that which was known to you before today. It is a show as long as about 45 minutes and as timeless as television. It is the middle ground between watching the show and being in the show. Between talking about the show, and thinking about the show, and it lies between the pit of Apple Podcasts and the summit of Spotify. This is the podcast of discussiong telvision. It is an area we call THE TWILIGHT ZONE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW. Subscribe and comment to receive a shout out from… The Twilight Zone.
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