Three Things We Can’t Wait To See On Season Two Of ‘Bridgerton’

Netflix is giving ‘Bridgerton’ a second season and we can’t wait! Here are three things we are impatiently waiting to see! 

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Posted On: January 22nd, 2021 7:29 pm pst

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Bridgerton has been a Netflix hit, so the news that the show has been renewed for a second season came at no surprise! Here’s three things we can’t wait to see next season.

Anthony Bridgerton’s Storyline

In the announcement, Lady Whistledown confirmed that the new season will focus on Anthony Bridgerton. He hasn’t been a fan favorite so some didn’t understand why he’ll be the focus but those who have followed the books that the show is based on, say this is exactly how it goes.

It’s said that the new season won’t be about him only but we want to see how his story goes. Will he settle down? Will he make huge mistakes? We’ll see!!

Daphne And Simon(Spoiler Alert)

Simon has been a HUGE fan favorite and they have loved him and his romance with Daphne was a big focal point. We wonder will they have a big storyline next season, and if so what’s in store? It will be especially interesting since they now have a baby which was shown at the end of season one.

Scandals, Scandals And More Scandals!

Bridgerton is not new to a good scandal and the storyline’s have kept fans coming back for more and more episodes! We can’t wait to see what kind of twists and turns play out in season two. 

Also, at the end of season one, Lady Whistledown’s identity is revealed so we’re thinking that is going to be a big deal in season two!

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