Three Reasons Why HBO’s ‘Insecure’ Deserves to Win an Emmy

This years Emmy’s will be the most unique show in the awards history with it being virtual. Virtual award shows are starting to become the new normal for most fans, and while they have to miss out on the red carpet interviews, they still get to enjoy crowding around the television to watch and scream in excitement for their favorite shows. This year there will be plenty to scream about with so many amazing shows being nominated, including the unforgettable ‘Insecure’.

It’s impossible to no rush home on Sunday nights to watch ‘Insecure’, so there is no surprise it earned 11 Emmy nominations! The HBO hit is a show that thousands of people tune in for laughter, advice, and bonding with loved ones. There’s not one Sunday that an ‘Insecure’ fan does not already have marked on their calendars. There are tons of reasons why the show is more than deserving of an award and we’ve got three to prove it!

The Cast

The cast of ‘Insecure’ is diverse and full of upcoming talented actors. Issa Rae and the casting directors have done an awesome job of casting the right actors to portray the relatable characters in the show! The performances of the characters are so good, sueprfans have even started to go to the ends of the earth to defend their favorite character. Are you #TeamMolly or #TeamIssae?


It’s not a true ‘Insecure’ night if you’re not laughing at least 20 times within a 30 minute episode! There are so many relatable scenes in this show, that it can make anyone laugh out of amazement or borderline embarrassment. Which scene is the most relatable for you?

The Soundtrack

The soundtrack for ‘Insecure’ speaks for itself! Every episode has a song that will have you downloading it on iTunes to sing along! What’s your favorite song that you discovered while watching the show?

‘Insecure’ has been renewed for season five and fans on social media couldn’t be happier! What do you love most about the show? Let us know in the comments below, and if you love this article, make sure to share it with a friend!

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