Thoughts On ‘All American: Homecoming’ So Far!

The spinoff series of The CW’s All American, All American: Homecoming premiered a few weeks ago and we are here to tell you our thoughts on it so far!

*Spoilers for All American: Homecoming Ahead*

If you were keeping up with my previous articles, you’d know that I’m an All American fanatic; and if you’re anything like me, you’ve been tuning into All American: Homecoming.

Before I get into how I feel about the spinoff series, let me give you a simple run down. This new drama series follows Simone Hicks who’s pursuing her tennis career at a historically Black college, Bringston University.

If you don’t know much about Simone just keep these few things in mind: she went to Beverly Hills High, she’s an amazing tennis player, she had a baby and decided to give him up for adoption to pursue her dreams, and she’s the girlfriend of Jordan Baker. 

If you haven’t watched the first two episodes, I’d advise you to watch them and then come back to this article, but if you’re all caught up let’s talk about it.

Simone Moves To Atlanta 

Bringston University is in Atlanta Georgia so Miss Hicks had to leave her friends and family back in LA. 

In the original series, she was deciding between attending an Ivy League to please her mom, but after visiting Bringston she fell in love. In the first episode, we saw her moving into her dorm, reunite with some of her Bringston friends, and we witnessed some of the challenges she faced during the process. 

She had a hard time adjusting to the new college life, but is slowly finding her way. 

Sparks Fly Between Simone & Damon 

If you remember Damon Sims, the baseball prodigy, appeared in All American season 3 when Simone, along with Spencer, Olivia, and Jordan, went to visit her aunt, Amara, who teaches at Bringston University. 

The two first bumped into each other at Bringston’s Homecoming when Simone was filming Olivia and her friend Kiesha dancing and having a good time, and of course Damon intervened thinking she was trying to record him. 

This first encounter between the two wasn’t the best but it was obvious that Damon was feeling her. 

Fast forward to now where Damon and Simone both attend Bringston and have reunited once again. It seems like they are starting to form a really close bond which is a little upsetting because I’m still rooting for her and Jordan to be together. 

But one thing we can all agree on is by the look of it, her and Jordan may not last due to the distance and her lowkey interest in Damon.

Simone Makes It On The Tennis Team 

We all know that anything you want in life doesn’t come easy and we’ve witnessed this with Simone trying to make it on the tennis team.

She had to move out of her dorm into her aunt’s house due to a problem with her assigned room, she didn’t make a good first impression on the tennis coach because she was out late the night before so her performance wasn’t up to par, Thea (the tennis caption) kept giving her a hard time, and there was a problem with her physical which would result in her not being able to participate in the Queen of the Court which determines her spot on the team.

Nonetheless, Simone was able to overcome all of those challenges and earn her spot on the team and I’m excited to see how far she will go! 

Overall, I’m extremely impressed with the spinoff series so far although it can be frustrating to have to get familiar with new characters and their background because we’ve become so attached to the OG’s of All American. However, it seems to be worth it because this new storyline is tea.

I can’t spill ALL of the tea, but so far so good and I can’t wait to see what happens next. 

You can watch All American Homecoming on The CW every Tuesday at 9 p.m. E.T.

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