This Week’s Top Moments From The ‘Big Brother All Stars Live Feeds’

With less and less people in the house, there is a lack of drama. Needless to say, there are still moments that just don’t make it to our TV screens.

We are getting closer to finale night which means every single move that a player makes is crucial because one wrong step can cost them the half million dollar cash prize.

In a surprising turn of events, Nicole won the HOH and solidified herself into the final four of Big Brother.

Her nominations were obvious as she wasn’t really aligned with Memphis or Christmas. Nicole also won the veto and decided not to backdoor anyone which left the nominees on the block.

The target this week is Memphis but anything can change in the BB house. With that being said, here the top moments you may have missed if you don’t watch the live feeds!

#5 Christmas Feels Safe

It’s no secret that side by side, Memphis is a bigger threat than Christmas. However, you can never feel safe in the BB house because the moment you feel good you are voted out.

Nicole, Cody, and Enzo discussed Christmas and her lack of communication with Cody. In other words, Christmas has not campaigned to Cody at all to get him to vote for her to stay in the house this week.

Enzo talked about his frustration for Christmas not talking to Cody and how she thought she was safe. They even went as far as to discuss her bad gameplay.

The three talked about the bad game moves she made in the house when she won HOH and how her nominations were not good for her game. The problem with their statement is that they were all on board with Bay and Day being put on the block and even encouraged it. They were also in an alliance with her, so Christmas had very little people to choose from.

These conversations may lead to Christmas being evicted this week, but nothing is ever certain in Big Brother.

#4 Nicole Practices Her Speech

Nicole decided to practice her veto speech prior to the meeting to make sure she said everything correctly.

When watching the live feeds, fans get the opportunity to watch things that have yet to happen on TV before anyone else. It’s sometimes rare to see people practice their speech beforehand or even get a glimpse of what they might say.

Earlier in the season, we got to see Da’Vonne practice her possible eviction speech the week she was nominated alongside Bayleigh but she opted for a different approach.

It seems like Nicole was trying to think of what else she wanted to say in her speech but she could not quite think of anything.

Check out her speech below:

#3 Cody and Nicole’s Final Two

In the backyard, Cody and Nicole discussed plans for finale night. They both agree to take each to the end if they win the final HOH competition.

These two have made it pretty far together without ever really being the target. Nicole first went on the block during the triple eviction and Cody has yet to be nominated.

They have also been caught in a couple of problems with wall yellers exposing their relationship to the house.

However, it seemed that it wasn’t enough to target them at all.

Out of all the players left, Cody is the most deserving. He has played a pretty well rounded game that is much better in comparison to Nicole’s game.

Nicole could possibly become the first two-time winner of BB if she turns on Cody and evicts him, but that doesn’t seem likely.

#2 The Almost Fall

Christmas does not have a good track record in the house especially since last time she played she broke her foot.

Many people thought Christmas would be tough to beat in endurance competitions when she got started on Big Brother 19.

However, she unfortunately broke her foot in the early days of the season and her game changed.

She switched to a social game and ended up making it all the way to the final three before being cut by Josh on finale night.

This time around, her injury healed and she was ready to come back and prove that she is indeed a beast in competitions.

She’s made it to the final five and now she almost tripped in the backyard.

Take a look at the clip!

#1 Keesha Is Iconic

Keesha was sadly evicted in the first week of Big Brother All Stars.

She got her start on Big Brother 10 and made it all the way to final four. She became part of the jury who unanimously voted for Dan Gheesling to win that season.

Old school BB fans were excited to see Keesha back in the house and play once again! They were all for her to make it far but Cody ended up targeting her that week and she sadly left the house.

Early in the game, Cody said that he didn’t know who Keesha was but surprisingly knew Memphis and watched his season.

RED FLAG! Both Keesha and Memphis played on the same season of Big Brother so it didn’t make any sense for him to know one player but not the other.

He then reiterated he didn’t know who she was which caused BB Twitter to go crazy.

Keesha is legendary and forms part of one of the most iconic moments in BB history. If you haven’t watched her season, I highly suggest you do and you will forever remember who Keesha is!

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