This Weeks Top Moments From ‘Big Brother All-Stars’

The houseguests were thrown into a loop after they found out there would be a triple eviction. Check out the top moments that led up 3 All-Stars getting eliminated. 

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Posted On: October 2nd, 2020 3:55 pm pst

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Another jam packed week of Big Brother has come and gone, ending with a surprise triple eviction throwing the houseguests completely off guard. 

Here are the top moments from this week’s episodes of Big Brother All-Stars.

Cody VS. Kevin 

Cody is on a roll this season! The guy is playing a pretty solid game, which he proves to be true after winning his second HOH competition. 

It’s no surprise that he wanted to put up David and Kevin since they were the only two people left that were not in the Committee alliance.

David feels pretty safe after a conversation he had with Cody(more on that later); but it’s Kevin who’s feeling the pressure after being nominated 5 times. 

Kevin has a chat with Cody in hopes to be saved yet again, but their conversation hits a sour note after Kevin said he wouldn’t vote for Cody if he made it to the final 2. 

Unfortunately Kevin’s conversation didn’t help his game, if anything, it gave Cody more of a reason to put up Kevin for eviction. 

Enzo Wants To Make Some Moves

Enzo is another houseguest who hasn’t really been on anyone’s radar. He insisted that he wanted to make some big moves in the game, so he told Cody about Memphis’ 2 separate final 3 alliances. 

That wasn’t all though. Before the veto competition he tells David that if he wins, he would take David off the block and put someone else on. 

Many fans questioned Enzo’s motives after he voted David out during the second eviction, more on that later. 

David Goes For The Money 

David and Kevin had a final chance to get themselves off the block by winning the veto competition.  

This week’s competition had a twist, you could try to win The Power Of Veto, or have a chance of winning ten thousand dollars. 

David decided to go for the 10k, which threw the houseguests through a loop, since he was in danger of getting evicted. 

His reasoning for going for the 10k instead of the W was because he saw he wasn’t  going to win, so instead of walking away empty handed, why not walk away with some extra cash. 

Triple Eviction 

During the latest episode we sadly said farewell to Kevin as he was the first person to get voted out that night. 

To the houseguests’ surprise though, two more had to get the boot. Right away they participated in the HOH competition where Memphis claimed victory.

Not surprisingly, he put up David and then threw in Nicole. Christmas won the power of veto, but did not use it to save Nicole or David, leaving them both vulnerable to be evicted from the house. 

Many fans thought Enzo would vote for Nicole to leave, but he decided to vote David out, which confused some fans, since Enzo said he wanted to make some big moves. 

However even if Enzo did vote for Nicole, it would be up to Memphis for the tie breaker, and Memphis has wanted David out since week 2. 

Tyler won the second HOH competition and put up allies Dani and Nicole. Tyler also won the Power Of Veto, but didn’t use it to save either of the two ladies. 

During Dani’s pre-eviction speech she called out Tyler and Christmas for having a final two deal. She also said she would only target those players if she stays in the house. 

It wasn’t enough though, and Dani was sent home after she was voted out unanimously. 

Only six players are left, and we’re less than a month away from finding out who will win Big Brother: All Stars. Let us know your thoughts on the three evictions. 

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