This Weeks Top Moments From ‘Big Brother All-Stars’

Only three remain in the ‘Big Brother’ house, and the stakes are high. Check out what went down this week on ‘Big Brother All-Stars.’  

The final showdown is almost upon us. Three houseguests remain in the Big Brother house as they fight to win the grand prize.

Here are the top moments on what went down this week on Big Brother All-Stars.

Enzo Is In It To Win It

Enzo was the latest houseguest to win the HOH competition after playing a game of human chess.

The plan was for Cody and Enzo to team up and get Christmas out first, but Enzo had another agenda.

He knows it’s getting down to the wire, and he needs to start building his resume, so he let Cody go after Christmas while he stayed in the background.

Both Cody and Christmas end up losing, leaving Enzo victorious. His first plan of action was who to put up on the block.

He decides to nominate Nicole and Christmas, since he made a final two deal with Cody.

Cody wants Christmas to go home because he doesn’t trust her, but Enzo doesn’t agree. He wants Nicole out of the house since she has won Big Brother in the past, and he doesn’t think she will take him to the final 2.

In the end Cody is the one who makes the decision to send Christmas to the jury, more on that later.

Tough Decisions For The Jury

Even though they’re out of the game, the jury still has an important role to play, and that’s deciding who will be the sole winner for this season of Big Brother.

There were many different opinions as to who is playing the best game. Even though Nicole, a former winner, has made it to the final three, she’s still not out of the woods. According to Da’Vonne she’s rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

While some of the jury members think Enzo isn’t playing hard enough and that he needs to step it up and make a big game move by sending Cody home.

Christmas Fought To The Very End

I have to give it to Christmas. She played hard during her entire time in the house. She knew she was on the chopping block, and gave it everything she had to secure her safety,

After being nominated with Nicole, Christmas knew she had another shot to stay in the game by winning the veto competition. Unfortunately it wasn’t her game to win, but she didn’t give up hope just yet.

She made a pitch to Cody about bringing him to the final 2, but Cody did not buy it, and decided to send Christmas home, making her the latest person to become part of the jury.

Nicole, Cody and Enzo are the only three left. Who do you think will win the grand prize?

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