This Weeks Top Moments From ‘Big Brother All-Stars’

Cody and Enzo make a tough decision on eviction night, leading to a blindside, plus we get another glimpse of what our jury members have been up to, all that and more on our top moments from this week’s ‘Big Brother All-Stars’!

We’re down to our final 4 as another Big Brother houseguest was sent packing. A lot went down during these last three episodes, so let’s jump right into our top moments from this week’s Big Brother All-Stars.

Nicole Is Ready To Play

Okay Nicole I see you! It’s getting down to the wire in the Big Brother house and Nicole must realize that, because not only did she win the HOH competition, but she also won the Power Of Veto.

With all this power comes great responsibility, and Nicole knows she has to make a decision that only benefits her game, and she did just that.

She first decided to put Memphis and Christmas on the block, and later let Cody and Enzo know that she wants Memphis gone.

Nicole decided to not use the Power Of Veto, even though Christmas tried to get Nicole out of the house, Nicole knows she has a better shot at making it to the final 2 with Christmas around instead of Memphis.

Memphis has played a solid game, and hasn’t been put up for eviction yet, so getting rid of him is great for Nicole’s resume if she makes it to the final 2.

Touching Moments From The Jury

I love when I get to see what the jury has been up to, and this week was a special one. We first got to see their reaction to Tyler getting voted out of the house, which leads our jurors to question who’s playing the best game.

Many believe that it’s Cody, with some even questioning why the remaining houseguests would keep someone who’s playing an amazing game in the house for so long.

We then got a touching moment from Da’Vonne and Tyler on why he wanted to leave the game and the Black Lives Matters Movement.

The best part was when each jury member received a special video from their loved ones.

A Big Brother BlindSide

In the end Memphis was the latest houseguest to get evicted. While talking with Julie he admits he was blindsided.

We were led to believe that Cody and Enzo might split the votes, forcing Nicole to be the tie breaker. Even if the votes were split, I have a feeling Nicole would have still voted Memphis out.

Memphis played a solid game, but I think his downfall was when he made two different final three alliances. Great move, but not so great when one of those alliance members spills the beans about your plans.

Who do you think will be the next houseguests to be evicted, let us know!

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